lizardbeth (lizardbeth_j) wrote,

well that's new

You know, if you're reading a multi-chapter fic, and you don't like the first chapter, why on Earth would you read more? Why would you leave comments after EVERY CHAPTER describing how much you don't like it? I mean, seriously, WHY?

Like okay, leave a comment after the first if you feel you must, I don't object to that theoretically (it's not fun, but I'm a big girl), but why would you keep going? I've closed fics after a few paragraphs if it wasn't for me.

No, really. I get it, person, you don't like Road to Tartarus. FEEL FREE NOT TO READ IT. REALLY.

Though next time, protip: read the ones in front of it first.

(but lol, now I kinda hope they keep going until they get to the dubcon with Baal stuff. That comment should be amaaaaazing)
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