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27 April 2014 @ 01:31 pm
dear author  
my glorious placeholder for Not Prime Time Ficathon.

I'm in this to write and have fun, I hope you are too. That's the most important thing. I like lots of things!  I like h/c, humor, angst, adventure, plot, no plot, PWP (though really only the PoI prompt lends itself to sex, but for that, go for it.) I enjoy diversions from canon - what ifs more than the coffee shop style AU, but if you've got some nifty idea, that's fab.

I know one of my concerns in writing for bigger fandoms tends to be the neurotic fear that I'm doing something that "everyone" else has already done. But while I can't tell you not to worry about it if it is something that bugs you, I can tell you that I'm not likely to know it if you did, since I don't read a lot in these three fandoms. Don't stress yourself out trying to come up with something absolutely new, cuz ain't nobody got time for that.

So below I have some ideas. THEY ARE JUST RANDOM IDLE IDEAS TO GIVE YOU A PLACE TO START IF YOU HAVE NONE.  none of these are "OMG I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE". like, sometimes, in Yuletide, there's that ONE story that you just want desperately, this is NOT THAT.

If you have some idea of your own, more power to you. I'll love it, I'm sure, better than any of these I thought up on Monday night trying to think of things.

1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Jemma Simmons
I have no particular ideas, I just like Simmons. (I also like all the rest, so I don't mind if they appear, I'm just looking for focus on her). Maybe a reaction for some event within the show, her training or joining SHIELD, or maybe she really was stuck on a desert island with a tardis (heh). What does she think of her life getting less laboratory and more spy movie? Maybe her life has always been spy movie, and she's actually MI6 tasked to keep an eye on SHIELD. I dunno, just throwing ideas.

added to say: there's also a story in there about how she's basically become Team Doctor, even though she didn't really sign on to have those duties. or what does she really think of all this alien crap? Does she have some experience in her past with other alien crap maybe? Or just getting away from all the nuts that her life's become what does she do?

2. The Hobbit - All Media Types
Thranduil Elvenking

Truthfully I'm one of those fans who was always depressed that JRRT never went back and put Legolas into the Hobbit, because I wanted him there so badly. So that part of DoS made me squee, like, a lot. So I just want more of that: I'm familiar with both canons, but I'm no purist, so feel free to mix it up.

Just to elaborate with some ideas: Elfling Legolas, how did that go? We get the idea that Thranduil was profoundly affected when his father was killed, did Legolas' birth give some of his hope back? movieverse wise, though we may see it in Movie 3, but how does Thranduil react to Legolas' going after tauriel? Or, speaking of her, did Legolas also get a warning about how Tauriel's beneath him? Or something AU - what happens if Thranduil is killed (maybe pre-hobbit? or in the Battle of the Five Armies?), and Legolas becomes king?

(So yes, to clarify, I am fine with the focus being on one and the other either dead/gone or not born yet. Also feel free to use any other characters as needed, I just have always liked Mirkwood in general and the movie brought it all back).

3. Person of Interest (TV)
John Reese
Zoe Morgan

I miss Zoe. I especially miss the John/Zoe Fake Married Tropefest. I like to think she was there for John when Joss died, or at least tried to be, and maybe he's being a protective jerk and trying to keep her away from everything since, and maybe she's like, 'screw that, let me help'. Or maybe because of all the snow and cold they end up having to Share Bodyheat (becausse that? awesome. Mister "Here's what we do for our survival" Commando and Ms "oh, that means we have to get naked and share this sleeping bag and drink lots of wine gosh I am so upset by this storm" Morgan lol), I am not at all averse to other tropes.

I know I'm like a Shipper of One in the fandom, so if you don't want shippy, maybe bad guys find out she's connected to the boys and/or machine or her number comes back for some reason?

Anyway, I like to think of Zoe as the Catwoman of POI (I know the show gave that to Shaw, but really, Shaw is Huntress) and I enjoy my Bat/Cat teasing/banging/team-ups. whatever.