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Super Sunday

At the superbowl party we went to, they did a game where you can buy a square that represents a certain score - and at the end of each quarter, if anyone has that square they get a payoff. Well, that was such a TERRIBLE game the only winner was my son. Cuz the square he picked totally at random, because he knows nothing about football, actually won at half time. lol.  (so yes, betting, but shush)

So that happened. Ads were mostly decent. My fave was obvs the Jaguar villains (I watched the fourth quarter waiting for it, c'mon, that's dedication!), but the puppy one was so cute. The entire Muppets Most Wanted campaign is a thing of amazingness and hilarity; Winter Soldier looked pretty badass. The one I liked the most that I was surprised by (hadn't seen already) was the Radio Shack one, that was funny.

It even rained during the party, which was nice, though it did make all the kids come inside. It also got my car really dirty because we were parked under a tree -- one of the side-effects of not having rain for a long time is that the leaves are super filthy and a little rain turns to this gross sludge that's the first to come off the trees.

Kiddo has a trip to Legoland in a two weeks for a robotics competition, so that should be fun, even though I don't think their robot is going to do much. They rebuilt it after the fall competitions, and as far as I can tell, it works less well than it did then. They'll have to really work hard this saturday if they want it to do much. But it'll be a fun day anyway, since we get to also wander around in the park when they're done with their round.
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