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I have no idea how people write long fic in installments - write and beta and publish a chapter at a time. I write in Very Large Installments, and I still have stuff in the earlier ones that I know don't quite fit anymore.  And within the big parts while I'm drafting, I mess with it a lot, in ways that wouldn't happen if I wrote just to an outline.  (this post brought to you by : "Where the hell is the update? woes") I suppose on the bright side people don't have to wait a year between large parts, but you also don't wait weeks/months/forever between chapters.

Anyway, the point of this post:
I went to the broadcast of Coriolanus yesterday, and ugh, I always forget how great Shakespeare is when performed by people who know what the fuck they're doing.  Also, I now wish I was BFF's with Josie Rourke the director - in every interview/clip whatever they had with her, she was just awesome. "Passing sexy" is my favorite phrase describing Hiddleston, now. <3

I now need Martius/Aufidius fic because reasons, and something for poor Vergilia. I imagine in some productions that is a pretty thankless role, but she really made me feel for her.

[Spoilers for production]
First of all, Coriolanus' speech at his banishment is one of the best FUCK YOU ALL speeches ever, IMO, and that was delivered splendidly. Really the only part that I thought Hiddleston could have done differently was immediately after that, in Antium, before he finally gets to the point with Aufidius about what happened in Rome, there's kind of a gap where he wasn't really holding the anger.  I do think from what he's said, it's harder for him because he's just naturally not that way at all. But other than that he was excellent.

(one could do an awesome "surprise, bitch, bet you'd seen the last of me" meme entry for this play, too. A couple times. *snicker*).

On one hand, Gatiss was doing a lot of Mycroft, but otoh, Menenius kind of IS Mycroft, but a funnier version, so it works, but it was noticeable.

I thought the staging was clever. Minimalist strikes me as the best way to go in a small space anyway, but even for bigger spaces, if you can't go epic, going halfway can look pathetic.  the use of the chairs especially was fun, and the minimalism made the few real effects more powerful when they happened.

Speaking of, I was quite surprised by the end - not that he dies, because I knew that, but the text is far more Assassination of Caesar with lots of knives/swords and stabbiness, and that was SO not how they did it. wow, impressive. (actual thought process: are they really--? they're gonna fake it aren't they? holy shit, they're actually doing this.... are they gonna let him down soon?) I know Aufidius gives his big speech there, but I don't think I heard a word of it.

I am also, having seen it, even ANGRIER at the bad fans who harassed Hiddleston at the door afterward, because JFC, bad enough he's just done a three hour play, but that can't be great fun to end with every night, no matter how athletic you are. BOUNDARIES,
PEOPLE, FIND SOME.  ugh, I hate it when bad apple fans spoil things for everyone.

(also fuck you Tumblr person who said the shower scene is mere fanservice - first, while I'll grant the publicity still makes it out to be, it's not in context because he's clearly in pain, but second, it's mirroring the end, moron.)

It was fun and I got to meet some new fan friends in the area, which is always a plus. We're going to try to see the Muppet movie as well, and then definitely OLLA when it opens in April.
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