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01 January 2014 @ 03:57 pm
2013 Fic Year in Review  
It's New Year's so I get to claim the gifts I wrote:

1. For Yuletide:
Larry Bird and the Quest for the Clitoris The Neighbors, Larry/Jackie, Amber Weaver
Larry's quest to please Jackie in all the wrong places. aka Aliens trying to figure out human sex. (Mature)

2. For Mischief and Mistletoe:
What Grows Beneath the Nettle, Thor:The Dark World, Sif/Loki (Odin, Thor, Thanos, W3, etc)
In the wake of tragedy, Sif discovers Loki's secret and decides to take the riskier path to save Asgard's future.

(20K fucking words, I don't know what I was thinking...)

OTHER FIC: (note that all the links are for my LJ - but each one has a link to its AO3 page)

Not All That We Are IV: Black Sails at Dawn
Sam/Six, Sam/Kara. Part IV of Not All That We Are. Epic.

(also, how sad is it that it's in the 'other' section instead of a big BSG section? But there's just not enough to deserve it's own category anymore, unless I listed all the random bsg-king/porn battle drabbley things.)

Falling Apart
BSG, Kara/Sam,  Post-UB things are... difficult.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Lizzie/Darcy. MATURE.

For you are with me
Babylon 5.  Alisa Beldon, Jeff Sinclair, Delenn. Whatever happened to Alisa on Minbar?

What Might Be
Babylon 5. Sinclair/Garibaldi. For Fandom_Stocking.

MCU/Avengers/Thor FIC:

Loki, gen. "missing scene" of an alternate take on the ending of TDW.

Pillars of Salt and Sand
Loki, Thor. gen. Post TDW - dealing with the fallout.

A Seed in Barren Lands
Loki/Sif with Odin. Mature. Sif comes to visit the monster in his cell, but the truth is a far more difficult monster for them all to face.

Tales of the Storm: Day of Joy
Loki/Sigyn. Happy fluff.

Hail of Shadows
Gen. Loki, Frigga, Thor, Sigyn, Malekith, Odin, Sif, W3, Thanos. Understanding the Storm, book 4. In the wake of Poison Rain, Frigga helps Loki's tentative steps to rejoin his family until it all goes to hell.

Tales of the Storm: Transmutation of Living Things
Odin, Loki. Odin doesn't appreciate wee!Loki's gift.

Perks of the Position
Loki/Barton. Mature. Dubcon.

Tales of the Storm: Nightmare
Loki, Frigga, gen. Frigga comforts a young Loki after a nightmare.

Ice, like glass, shatters
Loki/Laufey. incest, non-con. Negotiations don't go Loki's way.


By the numbers: Fourteen fics, a handful of kink-bingo drabbles/ficlets. A03 tells me I uploaded about 200K in 2013. I'm not sure if it's counting Holding the Light in that, since that story posting bridged 2012 and 2103 and it's certainly counting my first parts of Black Sails at Dawn. But that's close enough. a bit more than last year.

My Best story: Pillars of Salt and Sand, maybe? A lot of it is my reaction to TDW, as much as it is Loki's, and so I think it's a bit more emotional. Hail of Shadows might be up there, except I know I cheated it by having the end be a cliffhanger. :)

My Most Popular Story: A Seed in Barren Lands. By a lot. It pulled away from Hail of Shadows in kudos, though HoShadows still wins in hits, but probably because it has more chapters, at least in part.

Favorite OC: While she'd technically a canon character, obviously Sigyn doesn't exist in the MCU, and I twisted her origins so she's basically only the name and some vague connections to her mythic counterpart. But she was fun to create, because she's basically a mirror reflection of him - she's got some of the same damage, but in a different way. Also, honorable mention to Malekith, since I created him for Hail of Shadows out of a photo and a couple of comic book scans. Everything else about him in the story is mine and I love him in all his batshit insanity, even if he turned out not at all like Malekith in TDW. (I'd be sorry about that, but eh. Mine had better motivation, tbh)

Story most under-appreciated by fandom in my opinion: Larry Bird and the Quest for the Clitoris I'm not sure Neighbors has any fandom to speak of, to appreciate it, but *sniff* poor wee fic. I TRIED TO BE FUNNY.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write: Ice, like glass, shatters
If you'd told me I'd be writing tragic incest fic with Laufey I would never believe you in 2012. poor dude - really, no where to go than up from there.

Sexiest story: Of the stories listed, Perks of the Position, I just really love the final image in that. *bites lip*

Hardest story to write: FRAKKING BLACK SAILS AT DAWN. It took me how many billion years to finish? and for what? ugh. what even was the point?

Easiest story to write: What Grows Beneath the Nettle, probably. I didn't expect to write so much. It had a weird difficulty in that I kept wanting to use some of the same terms and head canon from A Seed in Barren Lands and I had to pull back to at least pretend to anonymity, but other than that it flowed out of me really easily. I think with a little more time, I could make it a bit better, but still it came all in a piece and I was able to do most of what I wanted with it.

Did you take on any writing risks this year? I think putting all my fandom eggs in MCU finally? I'll always love BSG, and especially the friends I've made in it (and tumblr is really not a great substitute for LJ for that, sadly; or maybe it's me), but I kind of moved on at last.

Biggest disappointment: Black Sails I guess. I'm just throwing it up there so it's done, at this point.

Biggest surprise I guess that A Seed in Barren Lands did so well? I know porn does better than gen, but I honestly didn't expect it to do that well, since I think I'm kind of an oddball shipper.

Writing goals for 2014
1. Understanding the Storm: Comes the Hurricane. a.k.a. TIME TO LEVEL UP FOR THE BOSS BATTLE. Loki falls to Earth, the Avengers aren't happy, Thanos makes a move. shit goes down.

2. Since NaNo was such a fail, my goal is to complete an original novel manuscript by the end of the year. I feel like I've kinda lost my mojo for original stuff, and I'd like to get it back.

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