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20 December 2013 @ 07:05 pm
Friday nite  
we're headed to legoland for kids birthday and traffic is just terrible. bleccch.

bcause we'll be gone the whole weekend and probably won't be back before late Sunday, when both exchanges are checked, I put placeholders in. Please don't let me get killed before I can put in good versions... need to finish yuletide fic this weekend so I have something to replace it with. I'm living a bit dangerously this year, exchange wise...

we went to desolation of Smaug last week and had fun. I have a longer post about it but mostly it boils down to I still love elves the best. and it made me dig up part five of the broken fellowship which I abandoned ten freaking years ago. (I didn't actually work on it though, I have some self control!)

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