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04 December 2013 @ 05:28 pm
the Pit of Voles News!  
I didn't expect my LAZY ALTERATION of that meme to get picked up, y'all. LOL   I'm still going to use it as fodder for new posts, so if you'd like me to talk about something, or you have questions, go forth and ask.

I just found out there is actual PAIRING filtering at ff.net now!  It won't turn up a lot of things yet, because - like me - hardly anyone knows it exists but authors can now go back into properties and add the character relationships (it's the little arrow next to the character). It's actually kind of cool, now that I know it exists.  heh, remember the great old days when there were only six characters available to pick from in BSG and one of them was, like, Doral or someone else totally useless?

... oh! I just noticed they finally split Athena out of Boomer, so I don't have to have the awkward pairing of S.Valerii with Helo...