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30 November 2013 @ 11:48 pm
Nov 30...  
So normally I'd be finishing NaNoWriMo today, but lol, nope. Instead of kicking me into writing more, it seems to have done the opposite. But  I now have actual deadlines for actual fics, so away to the ficathon fics I must go.

On the non-fannish side, I'm mostly finished with xmas shopping - except for my mom. She is the worst person to try to find a decent gift. *sigh*  sadly I will forever be chasing the utter perfection of Mother's Day 1995, when I created the Mom Archaeology Box, which was a box filled with sand and buried within were all the little weird kitchen gadgets I could find (odd forks, a small mushroom brush, that sort of thing) without labels so some of it wasn't obvious what they were. My favorite will always be the meat thermometer I stuck in there as a gimme, and she took it out upside down and thought it was some sort of pointy recipe card holder, trololol.

Thanksgiving went well, and we finished all the leftovers tonight, so yay, no more turkey anything for at least a week!

Such sad news about Paul Walker. Some of the most gorgeous blue eyes in all Hollywood, damn. I saw the pics of the crash on the local news and gasped aloud - not what I had expected, just reading about it. Wow. (And makes me realize all over again how lucky Trucco was in his wreck)