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22 November 2013 @ 02:10 pm
How does this happen?  
I always plan that I'm not going to have lots of fanfic projects hanging around. I try not to sign up for too many exchanges anymore. I intended to preserve November for NaNo


First, NaNo is a big bust. I was unprepared and under-outlined. That week of travel I wrote nothing because google and apple were a pain in the ass. Then I came home, watched Thor 2, and couldn't concentrate on any other stories.

Second, THOR 2. Yeah, one should never watch new canon in one's fandom during NaNo. I figured that would make things ... difficult. I was totally right. FUCKING LIFERUINERS.

Third, So many projects!!!

The required things:

1. Yuletide. Not started. Canon refreshed. probably shouldn't have picked this fandom in hindsight.

2. Mischief/Mistletoe (Loki/Sif exchange). Finally got an idea that hopefully doesn't echo other things I've done too much. Nothing written yet but it has a kickass title (I found it looking for the title for #3 down below, but it didn't fit with that story, and then I was like, OOOOH it belongs to the M&M fic)

New things I am writing instead of the above:
3. Pillars of Salt and Sand. TDW tag fic, nearly done.
4. TDW thing (it's a weird missing scene ficlet sort of, not sure what to do with it)
5. TDW Fixit fic.

Ongoing things:
6. Comes the Hurricane. Avengers, Loki, Thanos, Earth. what could go wrong? hee. There are lots of scattered bits that I need to rewrite.
7. Sorta-TDW-compliant sequel to Seed in Barren Lands.
8. Frostiron AU.
9. Doppelganger fic.

My fannish brain is being all occupied by all this right now. I'm at least three eps behind on most tv.

And I think my laptop is overheating. NOOOOOO. STOP IT NO DYING ALLOWED.