lizardbeth (lizardbeth_j) wrote,

Dear M+M Writer

oh thank you for writing for me!

I am pretty easy to please, really. I'm not looking for anything depressing for the holidays. I can't ask for anything specific at this point because I haven't even seen the new movie (I will this week, but I just haven't had a chance yet). So feel free to use any/all of the movies, but I'm a bit hamstrung for specific ideas not having the new movie to play with, right this second. So I'll just meander in generalities.

I'd prefer you stay MCU-based as much as possible - I've read most of the recent JiMystery with kid!Loki and Sif, but obviously the histories are quite different.

I'd much rather they be equals in their relationship, in whatever way that has to come about. Most of my shipping of them is in pre-canon or AU versions, because it bothers me quite a bit that she took off like that in the first Thor movie (the movie eventually makes her right but that doesn't change that it was a pretty stark personal betrayal). So I like them more as a potential than something that works in the 'present' -- he's got to get his shit together, and she has to unlearn some cultural conditioning, for them to work, IMO.

Not that you have to do all that work - I'm fine assuming some future or AU scenario where things are better!

So I'm sorry this is so vague about specific ideas, and I hope this gives you some kind of idea of what I don't want, at least, even if I'm hopeless at prompting.

Thanks again and happy holidays!

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