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24 October 2013 @ 06:10 pm
oh hey lj  
Though I'm not terribly religious, sometimes I do wonder about the universe. Because I've been writing this fanfic, and it's going REALLY WELL lately (clearly coughing all the time was not helping the writing). But I was only going to write up until the end of the month and then switch over to my original project for NaNoWriMo.

And then, today, I caught the new MGMT song, which is basically "live fast, die young" and given that is pretty much the theme of my fanfic, I do kinda wonder whether the universe feeding me DEDICATED FANMIX SONGS isn't trying to say that I might as well just scrub serial numbers. Because let's face it, this story is barely fanfic as it is (no powers AUs are like that). But I want to do my original fantasy for NaNO too. I guess I have a week to make up my mind...


Also, I want to object that after coughing continuously since frakking labor day, I really ought to have abs of steel in exchange for being able to do nothing else. But no. *grumble*

one of these days I need to do more thorough tv roundup but in brief:
- Agents of SHIELD. -- watching, it seems to be improving, half of them could be run over by a bus and I wouldn't care. Bear needs to tone down the score. I'm oddly intrigued to find out when and how they're going to reference Thor: TDW in the show. (plus, if everybody doesn't FLIP OUT when it comes time for them to cross with Winter Soldier, I'm going call b.s. on this whole 'shared world' thing).
- Originals - honestly my favorite right now. Rebekah is my queen, Klaus is deliciously diabolical, everybody is unsympathetic in their own way. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE? I'm even loving Phoebe Tonkin, and in the past I've been pretty lukewarm on her.
- TVD -- OMG THIS SHOW Y'ALL. It's becoming a really great comedy. 2000 thousand years ago... LOLOLOL
- Arrow - dayum. I love everybody in this bar.
- Wonderland - really enjoying it a lot.
- Supernatural - EXCUSE YOU SHOW. That was just mean. *cry face*
Ray: Adama!Smurfrirenec on October 25th, 2013 07:49 am (UTC)
Given up on SHEILD. It's too... twee? Though perhaps I need to wait, then mainline it, to get a feel. Over SPN, dun dun durrr! I'm about to watch it now...

Sorry your chest is still bad. *Hugs*

Go for NaNo! Whatever pushes/signs you get given.

I'm not going to sign up, but I might write stuff, live to my journal every night. Post what I have done, unedited, and see how far I get. :)
lizardbeth: Adam Hiddles OLLAlizardbeth_j on October 25th, 2013 11:42 pm (UTC)
twee is an excellent word for SHIELD. I imagine (I hope) it'll be like Arrow, which was also weak at the start, but once the train started to get going, it's now pretty awesome. (although to be sure, Arrow added a character as a regular because someone smartly realized what was needed - hopefully the SHIELD PTB are as smart about what they need to do)

aw, I hope you write! Good to know what you're up for, I think. I'll figure out mine. Logically, I already have 20K on this FrostIron AU so am I really likely to add another 50? Probably not. I might need another 50 to make it an actual original novel, but not in the way that NaNo works. It'd have to be extra scenes here and there, and NaNO's really for writing that first flash of inspiration really fast, not pondering.