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08 October 2013 @ 04:51 pm
Yuletide and tv  
It's Yuletide Sign-Ups time! This is not my letter because... I still need to sign up.

Several amusing things though about Yuletide this year --
- Lizzie Bennet Diaries is available! Given the hits I got on my one LBD fic at AO3, I presumed it was too big. huh. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. or at least maybe one thing.
- Speaking of LBD, and despite all the Pre-Nominating going on, no one thought to nom "Emma Approved". I'll probably really want fic by Yuletide. :(
- It's kind of hilarious how Yuletide's become the Minor Characters of Big Fucking Fandoms Fest at least in certain segments.
- Poor Vikings RPF all by its lonesome in "Random Crap That Got Lost" or whatever the category is. lol
- my jealousy for whoever offered Only Lovers Left Alive knows no bounds. Damn you, person in foreign lands who gets it early *shakes fist*

I have watched lately:
- Cloudy with a chance for meatballs 2 The trailer has most of the best bits (I don't know why but "There's a leek in the boat!" is super hilarious to me) but the character/creature design is nifty.

- Originals. I thought how they re-formed the backdoor episode was fairly clever in changing the POV. And Elijah will always have the best entrances. I like the new setup, and how they clarified why Klaus/Elijah don't just kill Marcel (which was kind of a GIANT HOLE in the original ep iirc). There'll be another tonight, so we'll see how the actual show starts out.
- Vampire Diaries season premiere.

Elena and Caroline at college was more fun than I thought it would be, so that's good. I'm sure they'll end up being in class about as often as they were in high school, if that, so really all we have is the two of them as roomies to shake things up a bit. But man, if they killed off Elena's half-sister or whatever, before Elena even got to know her, she is BEYOND cursed, y'all.

Was Trevino shooting a movie or something? I can see where he doesn't fit in right now and maybe the show saves money with him not appearing, but it's weird.

You guys, if I was repeatedly drowning and then restored, I would sure as hell not last three months. poor bb.

At least they didn't draw out the Silas-isn't-really-Stefan thing, but this is the same problem they always have in this show - villains that are too strong and then require some stupid-ass magical thing to defeat them. So I'm already not looking forward to the ridiculousness that will ensue.

Katherine and Silas are both kinda delightfully deranged.

Look, there's Bonnie getting the WORST things. again. some more. *sigh* So long Papa Bennett, we hardly knew ye. At least the numerous new vancouver shows will soon be employing RIck Worthy, I'm sure.

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