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03 October 2013 @ 12:20 pm
Yesterday I was stuck at home while we had plumbing "issues". So expensive. And worse of all, none of it actually fixes the problem which is a tree and old pipes. It'll eventually happen again. *head desk* The joys of homeownership are never-ending. (ETA: OH WAIT IT GETS BETTER. Now my kitchen sink hose sprung a leak and has been quietly spraying water underneath every time it gets turned on, possibly for days. I AM SORRY FOR WHATEVER I DID OKAY)

On the bright side I got a comment on a Fairly Legal fic, out of the blue, and aw she wanted me to write more Lauren. Oh honey, Lauren was the greatest, but that fandom is so DEAD TO ME, I can't even. lol

I'm gonna talk about my general unhappiness with

So yeah, I'm in the 'um, no, not really doing it for me' camp. Look, I watch OUAT, I'm highly forgiving and I'm gonna keep watching. I expect the characters will get better. The part that concerns me is that the whole show feels like it comes straight out of 1988, especially the temple and the worst action scene I've seen on tv in a long time in that stand-off and the "car chase" to the plane. Go hire the action coordinator from Nikita, because that was just embarrassing for an expensive show.

And yes the humor thing is a standard of both Whedon stuff and the MCU in general, but at least so far, the quippiness is often inappropriate, where it drains the tension out of the scene instead of relieving it. Not to mention everyone has the same style. That works when they're all a bunch of kids at the same high school, but middle-aged men and anarchist hackers and Scottish scientists should not all have the same sense of humor. I also roll my eyes at all the references and hope they relax about those with a little more confidence in what they're doing. (like when they said that stupid thing has tesseract energy just downgraded the actual tesseract in importance and uniqueness - it's a reference they shoved in there without thinking through what it would mean to the MCU overall)

And I don't know that bumping Giles - I mean, Coulson - to lead is really that good a move either, since the thing that made Coulson popular was that he got to be something of the voice of the audience, and now he's The Show/Man In Charge. It feels like the show's trying to have it both ways and they're gonna have to pick one.

May is promising and I do like Ming-Na, but a lot of her appeal at this point comes in the fact that they've kept her from delivering most of the clumsy references and awful exposition that everyone else has has to do. Ninja is only going to go so far in character development.

I'm also pretty sure that punching a hole in the plane at 30,000 feet would be a really terrible idea. But Science!

It's kind of funny though how this show has already retconnd a few things in my head, and maybe not the direction they want:
- first of all, SHIELD is tremendously incompetent in this show. They don't train scientists going into the field in any kind of self-defense, or train their field agents in how to get along in groups. They apparently need Skye's services for something because they don't have any computer experts of their own (which kind of explains how Tony found it so easy to get into their system, actually)
- I now think Loki/the scepter did nothing at all to set off the argument in Avengers, since apparently those kind of shouty stupid arguments are Just What Happens at SHIELD because nobody knows how to have a discussion
- also, I've never really thought that Loki had much of a chance to conquer the WORLD despite what people say. He could've held the city, maybe, but even without the Avengers, there was just no way considering the amount of force that could be brought against the Chitauri after the military got in gear (Natasha takes them out with a handgun, so they're not invulnerable to bullets). And anyone who spent time looking at a world with a population of 7 billion and a whole lot of practice killing each other, really oughtta have figured that out. But now I realize, he was basing his strategy on Barton's intel from SHIELD, and so his underestimation of what kind of defense he could expect makes total sense. Because SHIELD? Impressive in concept, not so much in execution so far.

I'm also kind of bored with the Coulson Mystery since there don't seem to be that many options:
1. Coulson didn't actually die at all and it was a fakeout by Fury. Maria and Ron Glass suggest that's not so.
2. Coulson is some kind of LMD with Coulson's memories. This might tie nicely into Age of Ultron, if there are really robots that are this advanced already. I'm a bit skeptical, considering JARVIS is, as far as we know, the most advanced AI in the MCU. And if they don't want him to know about it, it seems weird that they'd stick him in the field in a position where he might find out by being shot at. But it still seems the most likely.
3. Coulson died and was resurrected by Magic. I'm not entirely sure why they wouldn't want him to know this though. Yes, it might be a bit freaky to think you're a bit of a zombie? but generally I don't think this would be that awful. It's better to be alive than dead after all, unless there's some kind of cost they're hiding from him.

So I'm not giving up, but it's considerably less engaging than I'd hoped.

ABC isn't helping either with their "OH LOOK THEIR MOST EXCITING CASE EVERRRRR!" um, promo people, it's the third episode, chill.
Rayrirenec on October 3rd, 2013 07:38 pm (UTC)
Re: SHIELD, um, YES. All this. And tbh, I am having trouble liking anyone, aside from May. The opening with J. August Richards, gave me hope, as I thought they might include him, but now, ep 2... well... I feel asleep mid way through.

It wasn't very engaging. And unless we get some character development soon... I can't say that will change.

And the Colson thing... err, signaled much? Whatever, now they've 'spoken' about it, makes it dull. If they'd have ignored it, they'd have made it make more sense.

Re SHEILD themselves, and being like a group of 'work experience' agents... I just hope there is some greater plan for this. Like, they are all part of some kind of subversive group experiment, which looks at agency or something, otherwise... I might nod off again.

Edited at 2013-10-03 07:40 pm (UTC)
lizardbeth: Adam Hiddles OLLA gunlizardbeth_j on October 3rd, 2013 08:38 pm (UTC)
right? And saying "oh it's only the second episode" really only buys you so much when it's not as if they didn't frakking KNOW it's their crown jewel show of the year and the pilot wasn't filmed six months before everyone else's. They had time to do better.

Maybe I'd be less hard on it if Sleepy Hollow hadn't managed to introduce more interesting characters, better use of humor, more tension in action scenes with the added difficulty of a WAY more ridiculous premise in two episodes. But they did, so now I"m all "Dude try harder. It's possible."