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25 September 2013 @ 11:29 pm
Tee vee returneth!  
Last night was back-to-school night. We met the new teachers and spoke to my kid's favorite teacher (for science). Kidlet is All About Science, and he has an astonishing trove of facts he loves to share. While talking to the teacher I came to the realization that my kid is Hermione. heh.

But Back-to-School Night meant I missed SHIELD. And then, I guess because I'm a bit hype-wearied I didn't catch up today. I will watch it though.

We watched Person of Interest, because it was on late enough. And it felt like a good start to the season though I don't remember some of it. I must've been tired enough to phase out for part of it. Not the show's fault - I'm feeling better, but still not all the way. One of these days my lungs will not rebel against me anymore! But I enjoyed what I remember.

I've done about 8K on two different projects in the last three days (3 on what I affectionately call the Slacker AU, and 5 on a Cast of Thousands Plottribble-Eating-my-Brain), which is pretty good, considering I hadn't done pretty much ANYTHING in the weeks before that. Of course, neither are short projects. *rolls eyes* It's kind of hilarious that my Marvel "Big Bang" is likely to be the shortest of my MCU fics this half of the year.

I can't seem to write Fury without having him say fuck a lot. It just ... won't work. It's a Sam Jackson thing, I guess.

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