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18 September 2013 @ 09:36 pm
stuff and things  
Yuletide is here! Fandom and character nominations have begun at AO3. I think I need to be a little less tired/sick before I attempt it though.

Enjoyed the Sleepy Hollow pilot. It reminded me of Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and things like that, in meshing of the wacky occult stuff and history. Fun stuff, and nothing I'm going to take terribly seriously, but well done for what it is.

I got a PM from one of my readers on Hail of Shadows who's bowing out cuz it's too dark. I know there's nothing I can do about it, but it does make me sad to lose a commenter.

But balancing that out today was a cute comment on the new Tales ficlet, suggesting Loki and Sigyn go off to the mountains and raise dragons. awwwwwwww (it's like Spartacus fandom and the Nagron shippers wanting them to get a goat farm in the end. Which they did and it was fab.) So now I kinda want to write ALL THE DRAGON RAISING FICS. apparently you write one sappy baby fic and suddenly you have FEEELS.

Or maybe it's just still feeling ugh. I went back to the doc and hopefully new meds will clear up my coughing. My entire bronchial system is just super irritated apparently. :(
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hearts_blood on September 19th, 2013 05:44 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't have put rape as a torture past Malekith or Thanos, but I'm glad you decided against it. Loki really doesn't need anymore shit to deal with, and he already got sexually abused in one of your other stories.

I could definitely see Loki and Sigyn settling in Jotunheim, if only because Loki needs to get over his damn prejudices and be the king that those people need. It would be funny as hell for them to settle on Midgard, but I don't think Nick Fury would ever give them a moment's peace. (Lots of little blue babies! ♥)

Hmm... I do still have the nu!Loki flail party message to respond to, I should do that. Has anything else happened with the bunny of Loki being a spoiled rich hipster boy?

lizardbeth: Av - Hiddles lollizardbeth_j on September 19th, 2013 07:17 pm (UTC)
I'm a little concerned about Jotunheim when there's the whole betrayal/'tried to kill all of them in a fit of insanity' still hanging out there. Asgard's good at keeping secrets but still, that would be a tough thing to wrap his head around if he actually came to an emotional place where he could accept them as people. Maybe that'd make him want to help them out of guilt? or he could refuse, not wanting to deal with it? hard to say until I get there, I suppose.

ah, HIPSTER BB. heh. Some. It's expanded in scope, of course. So I think I'll start when Loki and Tony meet - Loki and Thor are both at University (neither are great students, Loki because he's bored and Thor's a frat god), and Loki hacks Stark Enterprises as a prank, and draws Tony's attention. They work on a proto-JARVIS together, and get together and then Odin shows up to wreck everything. Because he wrecks everything good. :(
hearts_blood on September 19th, 2013 07:24 pm (UTC)
Loki helping Jotunheim out of guilt would certainly be a fitting sort of penance for him. And I do think he needs to learn to see the Frost Giants as *people* rather than as the monsters of his childhood, before he can really come to terms with his own heritage. For my interpretation of his character as you've written it, that's a huge thing that needs to happen. He's slowly accepting that his adopted family loves him and that all of Asgard doesn't want his head on a pike, but beyond that, he still hates a lot of what makes him him. He requires a sojourn in Jotunheim, and obviously his wife will want to go with him (to keep him from mucking shit up again, natch).

Of course Hipster BB Loki would be the brilliant slacker at uni, that's just too perfect. Aww, proto-JARVIS! Good lord, he will have combined powers of snark, if both Loki and Tony had a hand in his creation... But when you say "get together," do you mean, like, slashy get-together?
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on September 19th, 2013 08:15 pm (UTC)
yes, slashy. (but at first kind of casual, not very deep, since they're both rather enamored of their facades), But then Odin finds out that Loki's been (a) faking his grades, and (b) helping a competitor with his own designs, and maybe also that he's been screwing guys, depending on how awful I want him to be. And he pulls Loki out of school, Loki starts his decline into not giving a shit anymore and Tony just kinda watches from the sidelines as this promising mind pulls a Lohan and dives headfirst into self-destruction. But he doesn't understand why.

Meanwhile Loki finds out Odin's will leaves him basically nothing, and he's adopted and all that. goes on some kind of bender, and Odin slaps him in some harsh rehab facility for being such an embarrassment. Loki escapes and vanishes.

So I don't know if the other part is just a prologue, and this is the main story, or this is the sequel but whatever: Three years later, L comes back - clean but vengeful. Takes over Asgard International through shenanigans. And then, as he and Tony make some tentative connections again (I just really want Loki to do some giant flashy presentation like at E3 with Get Lucky and Tony both admiring his control on the crowd and facepalming the song choice, because Loki totally would. heh) But Loki's too paranoid about loyalty to be a good boss, and his company starts crumbling, and in the meantime some of his backers for his takeover start demanding things he can't give (i.e. Thanos, who's gotta be some sort of mercenary/terrorist in this world). And Loki tries to keep Tony out of it, but of course, Tony won't.

So, that's about it, for now. :)