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24 January 2007 @ 12:07 pm
SG-1: The Road Not Taken  
In a curious case of fanfic meeting canon, I noticed a billboard today for Cinderella 3, with the tagline, "What if the slipper didn't fit?"

Disney's writing their own AU fanfic! This amuses me.

Before I get to my comments on the episode, I thought I should put in a note, especially for anyone wandering in from sg1_debrief and explain my attitude. I've made up my mind that I'm going to sit back and enjoy this last run. It's the last we're going to get, so I'm not going to suck my enjoyment out of it by analyzing to death. Nitpicking is its own fun, and I've done that too, but not now.

So if you're looking for intensive, thoughtful plot-hole analysis and all that? It's not here and it won't be. I'm not completely squeeful, but I'm defitely more generous than the producers probably deserve. I can also fanwank like nobody's business, so things that bother many fans I have already explained away in my own head.

So, with that, here it is:

This is Sam's episode. Well, it would kind of have to be, since the rest of the SG-1 cast was on vacation that week.

No Daniel. No Vala. No Teal'c. Three scenes for Cam (but they are very good scenes).

Lots of Sam, which is YAY. And Sam in the evening dress of whoa!

This episode was basically the inverse of "Ripple Effect" - instead of alternate Sams coming to Sam, we had our Sam going to an AU. And so our Sam was the one who had to give the speech about how "I want to go home; my reality is just as important as yours" and the local Landry wouldn't let her, at least at first. And of course she does get back -- they don't really belabor the how, which I appreciate more and more these days. When it's not, and it can't be, a real point of suspense, it's good that the producers realize it and treat it as the pro forma thing it is.

The ep was also a good call-back to "McKay and Mrs.Miller", with the Alternate!Rodney being different enough. I was rather curious about Jeannie's status in that Universe, once Sam mentioned her. And Alternate!Sam was married to Rodney, for at least a short time! *snorfle* He did appear to be sad about his Sam's death though, so there was some genuine caring there at one time, however short a time it lasted (and I got the feeling it was pretty damn short). I loved how he knew Sam well enough to catch all her attempts at reverse psychology, and then they worked anyway.

And yay, Alt!Sam wasn't married to Jack for a change! Though Sam's refusal to ask about him was weird. Maybe she was just afraid to find out she was married to him again. heh. Given the AU's timeline, breaking off from ours at Lost City, Jack might very well still be a popsicle, though with NO MENTION of him at all, it's just spec.

Lorne is SG-1's leader! That was fun. *hearts* Lorne. Though I gather only Daniel was on the team anyway, since Teal'c had gone off to the Jaffa and it seemed like Sam had been working on the Anti-Ori problem for awhile.

And HAMMOND! We haven't seen him since "Fourth Horseman" right? It was great to see him, even if he was a big ass-kisser. Sam's surprise to see him when he first walked in was priceless.

oh, oh, Cam, you poor thing. Stuck in a bad wig! But the smoking and the drinking and the general bitterness really stung Sam. (I of course, think she went to see him because she's dating Cam in the Sg-verse, but that's just cuz I'm a crazy Sam/Cam shipper). It was quite a difference from the "Never give up, never say die" Cam from last week, and the most effective and revealing change from regular SG-verse. Because it begs the question-- what else happened to Cam to get him to that point? But his being all broken and messed up, certainly fired up Sam.

Julia Donovan -- propaganda tool in at least two 'verses! heh.

The framing scenes in Sg-verse, the first with Cam and Sam and the finish with the revelation that Sg-1 spent two weeks talking to an empty room, worth the price of admission. And they all refused to say what they had talked about -- note how Sam doesn't even ASK Cam? But he's the one left in the room at the end... hmm... if someone doesn't write a shippy tag for this, I will very sad.

Last, I hope the producers are done with their attempt at relevance now, and we can get back to the crack.

I really should get caught up on Atlantis. I keep falling behind.

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Just Another Nutty Fangirl: So involved Radekaudreyscastle on January 24th, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
oh, man, now I want to see this one, too! *pokes you tube*

Of course, then when it hits SciFi, I'll be like "Wait, haven't I seen this...?" "Duh!"
lizardbeth: Sam and Maleklizardbeth_j on January 25th, 2007 04:39 am (UTC)
I am a cruel tease, I know. *g* If it doesn't go up in the near future and you get impatient, I can do what I did before.