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13 September 2013 @ 08:19 pm
writing and other stuff  
As part of the Hiddleston Q&A yesterday, it turns out "Only Lovers Left Alive" will probably not come out until March in the US which means two things: (1) my hideous disappointment at the delay, and (2) that Sony Classics doesn't want to push it for Oscars, which is sad (not that I think it has a chance in hell of winning anything for anyone, but still). I'm hoping for a limited qualifying run in December anyway, because if they do, it'll almost certainly play here someplace. I should just be glad it has a distributor at all, but no, GIMME RFN.

Coughing continues. My neighbors probably think I'm dying.

No thanks to the illness, I can't seem to write anything. I managed a new scene for Hail of Shadows (because people were confused about Thor, and I decided I needed to make it explicit that he is Sir Sitting on The Bench While His Momma Takes Care of Stuff), but i have two fanfic ideas, not to mention anything non-fanfic and my brain is like pea soup.

Since my fanfic ideas are of dubious interest except to a couple of you, I will put them under a cut:

Since I can't do a sequel to the marvel_bang fic until Thor 2 (once I know what I'm dealing with, since the fic deals with changing that). If reception is disappointing, I might not do it at all.

So there are other options!
- No Superpowers Avengers AU, wherein Tony Stark is still Tony Stark but he's not Iron Man, and Loki is the black sheep son of Odin of Asgard Incorporated. Inspired by canon, but where Loki's fall comes through drugs and arrest, and his plotting for power is returning after three years away to hostile takeover of Asgard Inc Board of Directors. So, probably FrostIron, since they're going to know each other for quite awhile.

- different AU where a Loki from a version of the MCU where Odin wasn't the worst father in the entire Nine Realms comes to the MCU through a spell gone awry. Of course the Avengers think he's Actual!Loki, and he's all "What's wrong with you?" and there is Mistaken Identity wackiness. And Thor gets the worst day of his life when he meets Other!Loki and sees what could've been.

I didn't ask for these bunnies! And know they're all bouncing around randomly and I want to write one or the other, but I can't settle.

ETA: then I see that a MCU fic that posted today already has the same number of kudos I've built up on Hail of Shadows over months, and I wonder what I'm doing. *sigh*

Regardless, I've decided on doing my orig fic idea for NaNo this year. More on that later.
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Ray: Adama!Smurfrirenec on September 14th, 2013 05:48 am (UTC)
I would read the shit out of both of those fic ideas. And gah, I'm not sure what is what re kudos. If you want an inspiring hug, I tried finding fics to read for the fandom, and aside from one other which plays with the Norse myths, I couldn't find much. Your fics shine.

Sorry you're still poorly.

Yay, NaNo. I wanted to play, but I've been such a flake recently.

*off to read HoS part 13 in bed.*
lizardbeth: Avengers - Loki-Friggalizardbeth_j on September 14th, 2013 06:14 am (UTC)
I know a lot of the kudos thing is popularity of pairing (and sex) but it's still kinda depressing to see what a huge difference it makes. :/ So thank you, that does make me feel better. ;)

Enjoy Ch 13!

Any preference for which new fic idea you'd read first or which you'd like to know more about? Cuz I can't make up my mind. :)
Ray: Basestarrirenec on September 14th, 2013 07:16 am (UTC)
Oh, sorry. (I got distracted by making an outdoor cat house out of my artbox and an old yoga mat.) The second, I think. I love those kinds of swap stories. :D

Rayrirenec on September 14th, 2013 07:17 am (UTC)
Ps, chapt. 13 is awesome. Will comment, in a bit.