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02 September 2013 @ 11:12 am
yay, my fic was art claimed for marvel_bang Phew! Always better to get someone who's enthusiastic about it and not be last picked for the team.

Y'all, I was totes serious about Hawaii postcards. I got a whole package of them from a relative so I'd like to send them someplace. (I solemnly promise I will lose your address right after I send it) request here or just PM. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS UNTIL I HAVE TO MAIL THEM OUT BEFORE DEPARTING.

I've eaten so many awesome things here. Hawaii is all about food, tbh. Sure there's sun and beaches and stuff, but it's the food that makes it more like my second home with family, rather than a tropical island (which is nice, don't get me wrong, but tropical vacation spots aren't all that different from each other). But first there was discovering that McDonald's has my favorite COCONUT PIE, and then a slippery slope all the way down of nothing but FOOD.

Kiddo got a cold and is still trying to get over the cough, but is better at least. Hopefully it'll be gone by the time school starts. Otherwise he's been utterly spoiled by all the relatives.

Time to go get some things to bring back. Food, of course. :)