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25 August 2013 @ 03:39 pm
Sunday fic thoughts  
Got one of the best comments on the Epic - "power of compassion" which I think really nutshells the theme. Asgard is all about obvious physical strength, so this fic is about having strength in other ways and how that's also valuable. It's not that Frigga can't use a sword, because she can, but her power is in her compassion (and not just toward her own family), her words, and her wisdom to see where she's fallen into complacency and step up to fix it. Anyway, it always excites me when readers GET IT, y'know?

I didn't sign up for avengersfest this time. I enjoyed it a lot last year, but between my long fic editing, orig fic, and the lack of any prompts when I looked that seemed to want something I'd enjoy writing, I didn't. So here's a point to me for avoiding my usual addictions.

Sending in my marvel_bang for artist's claiming/assignment (not sure which it is for this particular big bang) soonish. It's either a finished story or part one of a huge AU -my typical way of doing things. My 'short' stories are really just the first chapter of something bigger.

Now I have an hour to dinner and I really should use this time to do some actual writing rather than yet-more-editing/revision/rewriting on things I've already written.
Rayrirenec on August 26th, 2013 09:49 am (UTC)
That's a perfect comment on your fic!