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23 August 2013 @ 01:31 am
aaaah internet  
Today I helped my mother-in-law enter the modern era, set up wifi for her and her new iPad. And so now, I HAVE INTERNET. This would ordinarily not be as big a deal as it is, but I accidentally blew up my phone dataplan on Tumblr and so I don't have any on my phone for another week. So the last few days I've been mooching off wifi at Starbucks and places like that to check email (Macy's has wifi, who knew?). But now, I'm connected. It's sort of a woe, really, since being disconnected is nice once the twitchiness subsides, but I do have things I have to do.

Kidlet's been sick, so we've been taking it easy (we usually go hiking but not so far). So we went to the beach yesterday and the local health clinic place this morning to make sure he wasn't getting bronchitis with his cough. thankfully no, but hopefully he doesn't get worse. Tomorrow is family obligation day, particularly pay respects to my husband's aunt who died a few months ago. We had been hoping she would hang on from her cancer long enough to see her one more time, but sadly she didn't make it. She was the first of D's family to really welcome me and even though she had no grandchildren herself, she was a great Auntie to everyone.

We also went to see the latest Percy Jackson movie -- we were the only ones in the theater (which was kind of awesome in a way, since we could do whatever we wanted), but also sad because I don't think the movie deserves to do as badly as it's doing. It was fun. Though I do think Nathan Fillion is getting to be more of a distraction than an asset, since it seems like everyone has to throw in a Firefly reference whenever he's around. OKAY ENOUGH ALREADY. We'd also planned to see Pacific Rim but it's only playing in ONE THEATER in all of Oahu, way across the other side. bummer.