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22 January 2007 @ 12:12 pm
BSG: Rapture  
I wish Sci-Fi had not so diligently spoiled SO MUCH of the ep with promos (and that I was not so diligent about clicking on them, but it's a lot easier to blame Skiffy).

Dresden Files may grow on me. I'm not sure, yet. There's enough I like, that I'll keep checking it out, even though it forces me to watch Rome later. I've read one of the novels, and I suspect that contributed to my vague dissatisfaction, but I don't know. Maybe I'm just grumpy at Skiffy.


Go away, it's not too late!

Ok, now it's too late.

Well, it's awards season, so here I present THE LIZARDBETH AWARDS!

Best Surprise: Tyrol knocks out Baltar! Maybe now that he's on Galactica, they'll cut Baltar's damn hair!
Best Non-Surprise: Helo shoots Sharon. Even though that was in the promo, it was still an amazing scene. And her begging for him to do it was wrenching. I was surprised it was in the teaser, though in retrospect that was the only logical place for it.
Best Sweaty, Dirty, Smokin' Hot Male: Sam
Best Sweaty, Dirty, Smokin' Hot Female: Dee (with Runner up for Barolay. who had the advantage of also blowing shit up, but Dee had more to do)
Best Special Effects: the Centurions walking around. I love them. they're just cool. But there was some lovely Supernova effects as well, especially when the first wave hits the temple. I'm dubious of the science, but whatever.
Best use of non-drama: Thank you Ron for not spinning out the "OMG are they going to escape?" false drama for more than a scene. "We're going to rescue our people" and, next scene, the Raptors were coming aboard. Nice. It added to the rushed feeling, I think, but I preferred it.
Best use of a Matrix rip-off: the pull back on the Goo Bath to reveal a whole bunch of other ones made the visual point. Though now I understand how they could promise Lucy Lawless that her commitment would not be open ended.
Best Example of Lee being an Ass: He orders his wife to rescue his mistress. Though I do think there was a bit (BIT) of tactical relevance, since Sam made it abundantly clear that he wasn't sticking around and Lee needed him, he cut Sam's objection out from under him by sending Dee.
Best Line: Dee. Smackdown. Kara. And she slapped Kara too. Exactly what I wanted: still doing her job, but damn, making it clear that she knows and doesn't like it at all.
Best "Kara Who?" Moment: Lee and Sam sitting on the ramp of the raptor and Lee cuffs Sam's leg. OMGTRULUV!!!
Best Hug: Kara/Sam. clinging. Too bad it's all going to go back to hell next week. *sigh*

now, slightly more elaborate comments.

Helo/Sharon-Hera and Other Cylons:

I cannot love them more; really, I can't. Helo's anguish, Sharon's desperation in that first scene. Helo's devastation when they take Sharon's body away. In fact this entire scene, with his confrontation with Roslin, was fantastic; Tahmoh really sold it, beginning to end.

By the same token, I thought I couldn't hate Roslin any more. I was wrong. "I accept that I share some culpability for the situation?" WTF with that, bitch? The "situation" is entirely your fault. The only part that wasn't your fault was the Cylons rescuing baby Hera after you put her in danger by taking her away from her parents. I was so glad that Adama had his back to her at the end. If they're back to smokin' pot together in the next episode I'm gonna be so disappointed.

And while the "Helo-shoots-Athena-to-download her to the basestar" may have been obvious -- especially since it was in the frakkin' promo (SKIFFY, you're idiots) -- there were only so many ways that they could get Hera back. But Helo did offer to take a Raptor and do it (with even less likelihood of success). The rescue couldn't have happened without help, so it was certainly "fortuitous" that Caprica was there, for Sharon's sake. But Caprica's discontent already had foundation, so I liked it. She was planning to help from the moment she knew Sharon was downloading, since she arranged to be the only one with Sharon when Sharon awoke.

It was just awesome to see Caprica step into the doorway of the Raptor on Galactica.

Boomer. Sigh. poor thing. She was certainly at her wits' end with Hera, though. I can vouch for how annoying babies can be when they have been crying and crying and crying and won't stop, no matter what you do. Ten minutes is an eternity; days would be hell. That said, I think she committed suicide-by-proxy. Grace's line delivery was a bit oddly theatrical on the "Gonna kill her" bit and she waited to snap Hera's neck, where if she'd really meant to do it, she could have. (interesting parallel to Caprica's killing of the baby in the mini, too -- it really demonstrates how far Caprica's come).

This way Boomer could help without anyone suspecting her, but without also going back to Galactica either. There's nothing there for her anymore, and she knows it. In the end, it should be good for the Colonials that there's a Cylon who wants the two races to go their separate ways within the Cylon heirarchy.

(While I'm on the Cylons: I'm sorry, they're paying Rennie a chunk of change to be furniture. WHY? And what happened to the Leoben down on the planet from the promo pic?)

Sharon returns, with Hera, and reunion with Helo. *snuggles her happy couple* The way it should be.


And now for an example of how it should not be...

Dee confronted Kara, and she's set up to confront Lee next week. That is good. maybe at least one person can extricate themselves.

Kara admitted she loved and hated both Lee and Sam, which is progress. The curious thing is hating Lee -- hating Sam, I understand psychologically, because of her Leoben experience, she can resent him for not rescuing her But why Lee? Because he needs her too much? Because she doesn't want to love him at all? I also think that she admits that cheating is her way of handling the emotional confusion she's under right now (which in turn suggests that she was NOT cheating on Sam on NC, because those pressures weren't there.)

Sam and Kara? HUG of "OMG YOU'RE ALIVE!" yay. Though I thought it was rather heart-breaking the way he hesitated, wondering what she was going to do. Oh yes, there's love there, but hurt too. But she embraced him without hesitation, and they met in the middle. The sad part is that she's probably never going to know how desperate he was to rescue her.

Whereas, Dee and Lee? Not so much in the middle. Rather tardy and perfunctory on his part, and it certainly didn't help soothe her any.

Lee and Sam were extremely hot in the battle sequence. mmm... Shirtless would've been better, but I'll take what I can get.

Dirty!Sweaty!Sam shooting Centurions and blowing shit up? BEST THING EVER! *thud*

The Five

Well, anyone who thought the Final Five were in the promo pic -- HAHAHAHA! pwned! It was a pre-FX shot. That's why they didn't care who was in those robes or what their expressions were, they were never going to be identifiable anyway.

But, I think the scene did reveal one. samanthamarie88, you're right. Sam's one of them, I'm now certain.

D'Anna seemed to recognize at least two -- not surprising, since she was on both Galactica and New Caprica. She's met lots of humans. But the last one -- she said "you!" (in recognition; which could be anyone, but it seemed to take a moment for her to place the face, so I don't think it's Adama or anyone she just saw). Then she said pentitently, "Forgive me, I had no idea." She would only say that to someone she personally tried to harm, seems to me, and the only person I can think of is Sam, from when she was going to kill him in "Downloaded". I don't see how her dialgue makes sense if it was Gaeta or Tyrol or Cally or Roslin. (If that scene was not scripted to within an inch of its life --words, reactions, lighting... everything -- I'll be hugely surprised.)

Which Josses/Ronns my future!fic something fierce. DAMN IT!

I would like it not to be true, but I think it is. *unhappy face*

Destiny and other lame mystical crap

Dear Ron, your audience originally tuned in because BSG was gritty. Realistic(ish). It was The Shield-in-Space. It was the show where you proudly said you used regular jeeps because weird funky flying ships would make the audience realize it was sci fi.

Congratulations, you've now skipped right past sci-fi. Your show is now Passions-in-Space.

Please fix. thank you.

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entertaining in a disturbing way: co-official batshitlyssie on January 23rd, 2007 12:02 am (UTC)
Not a cylon. Not a cylon... *repeats over and over*


Anyway. Agreed entirely on the destiny crap.

AND ALSO. omg. The hug. *flails*

Hrm. I need to go watch it again.
lizardbeth: Anders want it?lizardbeth_j on January 23rd, 2007 12:25 am (UTC)
lalalallaNOT A CYLONlalalala

I hope it's just an end-of-season fake-out, really I do. *sigh* But really,I have to admire Trucco for not spilling it at the con. Not even hinting. So... either he's amazing (which,um, yes) or maybe it's not true. That's the only hope I've got right now.

and it's funny, the destiny stuff wouldn't bother me so much if that was what this show is. It's not like I haven't read my share of books where prophecies come true, people have destinies, etc. But I buy them in those worlds. I don't in BSG. Until and unless we get time-travel or some other non-magickal explanation, I'm not on board.

Embracing! Almost kissage! SO great. *happy sigh*
entertaining in a disturbing way: OTP CLINGYNESSlyssie on January 23rd, 2007 12:29 am (UTC)
Yes, exactly. Bab5? Destiny and stuff WORKS there. BSG? Not so much.

Trucco is fabulous. ;) (dude, I'm going to go see what painful things the Trucco board thought of the episode. sigh. Wish me luck.)

He kissed her forehead! And the side of her head! And clung! And she clung!
lizardbeth: K-A Rapturelizardbeth_j on January 23rd, 2007 12:48 am (UTC)
You're taking one for the team. We appreciate it. *G*
Report back with anything interesting.

Did he kiss her forehead? I didn't even notice, or I forgot! OMG must rewatch!

entertaining in a disturbing way: kara anders porn happenslyssie on January 23rd, 2007 01:08 am (UTC)
They are... silent. Hrm.

Except for the spammer giving us Lucy Lawless porn. (wtf?)

HE DID. AND DOES. And kisses the side of her face. And. It's after the initial *grab, cling* right after Lee goesfor Dee. *happysigh*
selmak on January 23rd, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
I have to admit that i have NO sympathy for Dee, as I keep thinking about how she screwed over Billy. It's real tough, when you're the one in love with someone who doesn't love you, eh dee?

As for Dresden, I adore -*Bob*-.
lizardbeth: Teal'clizardbeth_j on January 23rd, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
the difference being, for me, that she didn't marry Lee when Billy was alive or out of some perverse revenge thing, like Lee did to her.

And I just can't agree that a husband having an affair is justice for a woman who treated one of her dates badly before she got married. Personally, I'd hate for that standard to be applied to me. But YMMV. *shrug*
weissmanweissman on January 23rd, 2007 02:51 am (UTC)
I loved your comments about the episode. For me the highlighst were the Helo scenes and of course
Sharon returns, with Hera, and reunion with Helo. *snuggles her happy couple* The way it should be.

I especially like when Helo stared down Roslin and told what to do with it, and then when Adama held him back. When will Roslin get it, her life has been in Sharons hands numerious times already. if Sharon wanted you dead you would be.
Its time to trust Sharon.

I seen a lot of discussion about Boomer, her story gets Sadder abd Sadder. However, if Sharion says that Boomer still cares for the Chief, Adama and Helo, then its enough for me.

Honestly at this point I couldn't give a hoot about Kara/Lee, by now its become painful. The way to do angsty romance is Sharon and Helo not Kara/Lee.

lizardbeth: Helo-Sharon fanficlizardbeth_j on January 23rd, 2007 05:40 pm (UTC)
Its time to trust Sharon. Though I'd like to think Roslin would catch a clue, I don't think she can, really. Roslin is a person heavily invested in being right all the time -- and in a sense, she has to be; she can't afford to appear wishywashy or weak, I understand that. But demanding Helo share her doubts (an hour after he found out that she stole the baby no less) wasn't about being strong, it was about power. They had done something behind her back and she was trying to exert control. It was a bid to feel vindicated later if Sharon DID turn against the RTF; but neither Helo or Adama wavered and they were proven right, so maybe she'll shut up about it.

Luckily Roslin has two brand new targets now (Baltar and Caprics), so I hope she'll leave the family Agathon alone for awhile.
jehnt: bsg - starbuck - tornjehnt on January 23rd, 2007 07:25 am (UTC)
hating Sam, I understand psychologically, because of her Leoben experience

At first I read that as "lesbian experience." I was a tad confused, to say the least.
lizardbeth: Sam_Leelizardbeth_j on January 23rd, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
lol. It must have been her fling with Tory on New Caprica, right? *g* I think I read that in a fic someplace...
Karrie: helo and sharon <3idontkare15 on January 25th, 2007 05:29 am (UTC)
Congratulations, you've now skipped right past sci-fi. Your show is now Passions-in-Space.

lizardbethlizardbeth_j on January 25th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
true, though, isn't it? *g*
Mayhem Parva: hera from Torn promo picsraincitygirl on January 25th, 2007 07:25 am (UTC)
What you said re: the destiny crap. And the Passions-in-Space crap. Kara and Lee are grown-ups, in positions of leadership, married, etc. Their storyline would work a hell of a lot better if they were both still in high school. At least they'd have an excuse for the immaturity.

Sam is NOT a Cylon. No way. La la la la la. I can't hear you! La la la la. He is dirty and sweaty and sleeveless and intense and loves Starbuck and is not one of the Final Five contestants on Colonial Idol. So there.

Someone, not me, was speculating that the oracle from 3.03 could be among the final five. That's someone else Three wasn't very nice to (should've found her some chocolate). Although I think a fair bit of that speculation is built on the premise that Amanda Plummer is a reasonably well-known actor, so flying her up to Vancouver to shoot exactly one scene and never appear again is an odd choice. Why not just hire some local day player for the bit part?

Of course, these are the people who couldn't get Callum Keith Rennie back at all in S2 because he was too busy, then got him back and proceeded to treat him like a glorified extra in multiple eps. They wrote scenes for him, and then kept freaking cutting them. If I were CKR, I'd be pissed. I mean, no, he's not a big star, but he's a working actor who's making a living at his craft. He didn't HAVE TO come back.

And his parts in the mini and 1.08 were sufficiently well-written that he presumably thought he'd be getting some more meaty stuff to play with when he signed to do multiple eps. Yeah, they have to pay him whether they cut his scenes or not, but still, it would be frustrating from a professional standpoint. So, what does Moore have against him? Did he run over the guy's cat? Have an affair with Mrs Ron?

Sharon returns, with Hera, and reunion with Helo. *snuggles her happy couple* The way it should be.

Damn, that kid is cute. I thought she was cute before (the CURLS!), but once she wasn't screaming her head off every moment she was onscreen, her adorability quotient shot way up. Funny, that.

It was kind of hokey that they had her be all mystical insta-family connection with Helo and Sharon, but still cute, despite its implausibility. And given the supernova and all, far from the least plausible/mystical thing in the ep. And she looked so cute when Helo lifted her down from the Raptor and her shirt rode up, showing her tummy. There's this one still where Helo and Sharon are in mid baby-handover, and she's reaching out her chubby little fists towards Helo's face, and damn, my ovaries started twitching.

I guess I can handwave it away as the insta-response to Sharon being either some kind of Cylon thing (like how Cylons can tell each other apart, even though they look identical), or a response to a new version of her primary caregiver who isn't bitter and resentful. Because hey, Boomer wasn't exactly bonded with Hera, but she was presumably her primary source of food, clean diapers, etc, for several months. So it could be, "Hey, it's the bottle lady, only all happy to see me and not muttering under her breath about how much her life sucks. Cool!" Her insta-reaction to Helo is harder to handwave, but maybe once having decided her new sitter was awesome, she picked up on Athena's relief and happiness at seeing Helo, and thought, "Hey, New Tall Guy must be nice if Nice New Eight likes him so much. And would you look at that, he's all happy to see me to."

Or possibly I'm overthinking this, given that she's, what, eighteen months old at most? And given that there wasn't really time for a long reunion what with all the other storylines needing to be wrapped up too, so maybe it was just convenient visual shorthand to give the viewers a quickie reunion, convey the idea that Helo and Athena are going to be good parents, and generally end on an up note.
Mayhem Parva: Firefly Simon (session416)raincitygirl on January 25th, 2007 07:30 am (UTC)

Because I'm a vindictive bitch, I hope that in the unlikely event that Roslin ever sees Hera again, the kid picks up on her parents distress and fear and screams her head off. She hasn't seen the woman in months. Could have forgotten her already.

I was kind of surprised Sharon wanted to take Hera to Dr Cottle. I mean, hi, in on it. I guess any port will do in a storm. But I really hope Cottle's involvement is addressed in some way. I mean, they can take his medical advice but still always make sure they've got their sidearms handy when he's in the same room as Hera.

And I fervently second your desire that Adama and Roslin don't just go back to their old best buddies schtick. I'm not saying they have to be at daggers drawn and unable to have a working relationship, but there should be some lingering tension. Adama's a parent too, for Pete's sake. And Roslin not only went behind his back and stole the kid, she then proceeded to mislay the kid. I mean, if you're going to kidnap someone's child, the absolute least you can do is not lose it.
lizardbeth: K-A Rapturelizardbeth_j on January 25th, 2007 08:00 pm (UTC)
"Damn it, Laura, not only did you steal the kid, but you did a crap job of it too!" *snort* true.

I hope there'll be some fallout for Cottle. But yeah, Hera's dying, it's not like they can be picky. Going by upcoming ep summaries, it looks like there's a second doctor, so there might not go to Cottle at all.
lizardbeth: Anders Thudlizardbeth_j on January 25th, 2007 07:53 pm (UTC)
is not one of the Final Five contestants on Colonial Idol. LOL! It'll be a fabulous surprise if I'm wrong. Really, I will do the happy-dance of joy. (And it takes away none of the hotness. It just means there are more of them out there... one for everyone!)

And what is with the CKR thing? I speculated over at lyssie's place that there's some storyline adjustments being made in editing, taking out Leoben's subplot, whatever it might have been. I further speculate (because I can't stop apparently *g*) that Anders has risen at Leoben's expense. But whatever's going on, it is mighty odd. A waste of their money if nothing else.

The Pop Tart is so adorable. I noticed that part with her little belly sticking out too. (it's a thing -- I love it when my son's shirts do that too). But, dude, overthinking. Go with the 'visual shorthand'. or maybe Helo just smelled good. *g*