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12 August 2013 @ 05:14 pm
One week to vacation, whoo!

The boy's in soccer camp run by a bunch of Brit footballer dudes and I presume they're going to run his little butt off, after a summer of mostly sitting on it. He'll be glad for vacation by the end of the week, I'm sure. But hopefully they'll get him ready for the season. Last season he leaned really hard on the really good team we had, but he's gonna have to step it up this year.

Went to my 'sort-of' annual optometry appointment today and my terrible vision did not get worse, so that's good news. Spontaneous improvement would be even better news, but sadly there was no miracle today.

I realized I need to finish my marvel_bang draft by the end of the month, and I should have most of it done this week, since I'm not likely to be able to write a lot on vacay. I always think I will, since it's not as if we're super busy, but since sometimes the heat wipes me out, it's safer not to depend on it. But first I have to decide which project to concentrate on for it. I had an original choice for it, but then a new story idea sprang up  and got written so now I have two incomplete drafts floating around, wanting to be done and I can't do both.  (well, I can do both, but only one needs to have itself mostly drafted by the end of the month for artist claiming). So which one do I pick? DECISIONS.  (and we will not discuss the third bunny that hit me today. SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP TONY; IT IS NOT YOUR TURN)
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