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notes on a saturday 2

Yesterday I had the 'fun' experience getting my car serviced. When we bought it, part of the deal was to get the first two maintenance visits for free, so I took it for the second one. And they proceeded to try to tell me that the deal was to use both within the first year (six months for each). Er, no, because my hub brought in the first one and that wasn't six months after purchase and they certainly didn't tell him that. But then, because getting your car serviced is now just like buying one, the dude had to go "talk to the manager" to get approval to do it. YEAH YOU DO THAT BUDDY. Go back there and drink coffee or whatever, and come back and tell me you're gonna do it. Because if you don't I'm taking my car and leaving.

So I got it. but omg, irritating. *deep breath* Ok. So that took forever and they had no wifi. Plus I used up so much of my phone dataplan on stupid tumblr already this cycle, that I can't use any because I need it for our vacation next week. *sigh* I tried to do stuff on my phone, but fighting with autocorrect is just a pain in the ass to write more than a message. So that was a boring waste of an afternoon.

Today was better though - kid had a great baseball game this morning (including a spectacular catch) and the weather was perfect. Did some of the usual errands, got boba drinks and though I didn't do any writing earlier (or for two days really, not counting a little thing I scribbled, if I'm totally honest), tonight and tomorrow I should have some time, so that's good.

I feel like I already went all flaily over the Thor 2 Trailer, so y'know, *obligatory LJ Flail goes here*. [Thor 2 spec]I'm still quivering in fear for my bb Frigga, because they're implying something terrible happens to Jane so much that I can't believe she won't make it in the end. But the comic book prequel makes it pretty clear that Frigga's the only thing that Loki still gives a shit about, so if they want him to turn on Malekith there's only one lever they can use. (it's basically the same reasoning I used in Understanding the Storm, that she's the only one who can reach him, but according to the comic, she's not allowed to see him, so obviously no help from that quarter in canon. *sads*) I think she and Loki both die or at least seem to. They have to write Loki out of the 'verse somehow, at least for awhile, and Taylor's already joked about all the fan favorites he's gotten to kill as a director. And Hiddles is too smart to give it away.

Although, otoh, it would pretty much be the same as the first movie, so maybe they just lock him in jail again or he escapes to turn up with Thanos in Av3, but I'm definitely afraid for Frigga. Although like I said on Tumblr, if she does die, and Loki doesn't get to have the BEST FUCKING BREAKDOWN SCENE of all time, I will be disappointed in the movie, no matter what else happens. I wrote like two thousand words of him and Thor going to bring her back, but I'm a little afraid to do more with it, in case I make it true or worse. (you know, like how I wrote that Sam rape fic to exorcise my fear of something terrible happening in the mutiny, and IT SOMEHOW ENDED UP EVEN WORSE THAN I FEARED. yep, there's me cursing the destinies of my faves all my lonesome...)
So there's that.

Though speaking of Hiddleston, it's hilarious that there was a rumor that he was going to be in the next PotC movie, and it turns out to be Captain Hook in a Tinkerbell movie. Good job getting the pirate part right, but oh, fandom, you were THISCLOSE. LOLOL.

speaking of PotC and rumors, now there's a rumor that Orlando Bloom is the Batman in the MoS follow up? huh. Now there's a name I'd never have thought of for that role. And while these rumors tend to be ridiculously untrue and/or floated by their agents, it's intriguing at least. I can certainly picture that he's been auditioning for these superhero gigs, since he can do the physical, even if he's too slight for the buff roles. But being overly bulked out isn't an advantage for Batman, since he wears the suit, and he can certainly work the handsome Bruce Wayne side... heh, I'm now picturing him and Lee Pace going out for the same roles and every time he whines about how it's unfair that DAD goes on the same casting calls for tall, slender thirtysomethings, even though he's thousands of years older.

Anyway, come on story, more kudos than the porn I wrote in an hour, you can do it! WHYYYYYYY ARE YOU SO CRUELLLL AO3 READERS??? WHYYYYYY??? *collapses in a puddle*
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