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In which I have a Candace moment

Candace, from Phineas and Ferb, always wants to bust her brothers for their shenanigans, but at the end something always happens to clear away the evidence.

Last Friday, I had my parents over to enjoy the warmth and eat some food. MrLiz had to work, so we were going to go to our deck and hang out and wait for him in the late afternoon. We'd noticed a few wasps before, so we knew there was a nest nearby, but that day I saw a wasp go into the little gap at the top of the cabinet that stashes our hot water heater right beside the back door. Thus, nest. the cabinet has a door that sits inside a little rim (no hinges, you just lift the door up and out), and so I opened it up and let it fall. And PRESTO - I see the nest go flying out as the door hits the ground. (WASPS ARE REALLY PISSED, but I run away) Now when I see it, I swear it's about the size of my fist.

Later when MrLiz is home, though, we find the nest and it's only about the size of a golf-ball. So I think, well, I guess it seemed bigger, cuz it was flying through the air and there were probably wasps all over it and whatever. I endure teasing about my GIANT WASPS NEST, while it's sitting there on the table, all tiny and shit. But then - today- while kiddo is watering the garden he sees THE REST OF IT. I very carefully pluck it out of the plants and take a look, and sure enough, it's the bigger part of the nest - apparently it had broken on impact. It's really amazingly beautiful, all perfect honey-comb, and for being the size of an index card, only weighs as much as a couple of kleenex.

And then, my Candace moment - right before MrLiz comes home to see proof that I'm not a scaredy cat exaggerator - IT IS BLOWN AWAY BY THE WIND. poof! irretrievable.

- so I got slammed with this Loki/Sif prompt from NPT ficathon. Fic is 7K now, and took an abrupt turn away from happy smut which I did not expect. Not to say that I expected any of these words - 2K of happy smut is ALL I WANTED OUT OF THIS. (I thought I might finish it while it was still anon, but obvs that's not happening, so I don't care anymore about prompt secrecy)

This reminds me of how I used to get awesome writing done during exams.

So let me list the projects I should have been doing, just as a motivator for myself:
- Black Sails. Which is due in like 2 wks. PANIC!!! (yet not quite enough panic to make me stop writing that other thing)
- Hail of Shadows. Which is not exactly "due" but it's been a zillion years since Poison Rain and seriously, it's all but done.
- Plus my awesome original fic ideas which are still amorphous and need more work to come together.

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