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22 June 2013 @ 08:15 pm
an entirely panic free zone  
Soooo, I have my NPT Ficathon fic to do. In a week. I haven't started. I haven't even rewatched the particular source. SO TERRIBLE. yet I'm still astoundingly unmotivated yet. apparently my do-not-give-a-damn level is pretty high for this ficathon. I probably should've defaulted a month ago.

And of course this deadline creeps up on me, all stealthy like, right when I write Storm IV climax big showdown thing and get all excited to finish it. I think my brain knew my plan wasn't going to work. I really should know better when I start hemming and delaying and playing games on my phone that I need to throw out the plan/outline and just write and see where it goes. Stop getting all hung up on the details.

Which is all very hilarious when you consider that this "outline" is in my head in THE FIRST PLACE. It's rarely written out; it doesn't even exist. So I'm getting hung up on a plan that is not just not written in stone, it's not written AT ALL. Though the thing is that I often have bits written PAST the part I get hung up on so I have to 'plan' the bridging section, even if it's in my brain, but then sometimes when it comes to write it, it wants to go a new way, and there's this mental struggle where the story really wants to go from A-D-E, but I have A and C already written and my bridge should be B, but it wants to go someplace else. But it takes me a bit to get there, both to fight the bridge I think I SHOULD write, and then to let my subconscious unlock what it should be instead.

(StormIV was a bit complicated I think by the previous section being pretty draining - writing suffering always takes it out of me anyway)

In other news, it's Trucco's birthday and I have nothing prepared for tumblr. I totally meant to. I'm the worst fan ever. (ETA: watch as I put together lousy screencaps! woo, I rule. AND I actually logged into FYMT. I AM THE BEST FAN. (lie))
Rayrirenec on June 23rd, 2013 03:40 pm (UTC)
Love your Trucco pics! And *waves pom poms for your fic. *hugs*