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04 June 2013 @ 10:21 am
Summer Stampede  
On Sunday we went to the Mumford and Sons concert, which was a blast. It can't be the biggest audience they've ever played for (since IIRC they played Coachella at least), but certainly it was impressive to them going by the number of times Marcus said "this is a fucking lot of people". It's basically the only thing he said the whole concert. LOL *pets them and their continuing amazement at their success*

I'd never been to the venue before, since it's about 70 miles away (and is mostly known for Metal festivals which I'm not into) and a lot of the reviews were rather frightening, but apparently this crowd was a lot easier on the facilities than drunk metalheads, so the bathroom wasn't the horror I read about. But the reviews were correct about the parking. The place is in the boonies, ppl have to drive there, so if you're trying to get 30K people out, you need traffic control, folks. We were in our car trying to get out almost as long as the actual concert.

And it might also be a good plan to NOT turn on the sprinklers! We were, thankfully in our car already in line to leave, when the big park sprinklers went on. I presume they're automatically set for midnight, but OOPS. Also, hilarious.

Instead of the usual "Glen Helen Regional Park" sign at the entrance, they'd replaced it with a "Mumford and Sons regional Park" sign and all the workers wore park ranger inspired t-shirts with the same logo on them. v. cute.
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lizardbeth: Jaredlizardbeth_j on June 5th, 2013 06:06 am (UTC)
They were totally great. While I have no doubt a smaller venue would be better, even in a stadium version, it was definitely worth the trip!