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29 May 2013 @ 12:10 am
Notes on visual stuff without pictures  
That new Fall Out Boy "Light Em Up" single was written to be used in movie trailers, wasn't it? It makes me want to vid stuff, and I usually let the impulse pass when I get it. which I do. like right now, I'm tempted to do a River/Eleven vid, (not to the FoB song, tho). not that I ever end up doing it, but I mess around and storyboard it in my head at least, before the tedium of clipping stuff kills the impulse. But yes, the emotions are still strong.

For those who know me on tumblr, I am really really sorry that Hiddleston was in Cannes. because yeah, there are a lot of pics in my queue. but yay, it sounds like Only Lovers Left Alive is pretty good, even if it didn't win anything.

We went to see EPIC - the animated movie with kidlet, who gives it two thumbs up and enjoyed it as did we. It's fun, and the animation is beautiful. We saw it in 3D which was also done really well. though I suppose I know I'm mature when my favorite character is Ronin, the oldest one and voiced by Colin Farrell, not the one by Josh Hutcherson.

We've also seen Star Trek Into Darkness and IM3. I enjoyed both, but I liked ST better than IM3 - I expected it to be the other way around, given my MCU stanning of late, but I didn't care for Guy Pearce or what the script did with Killian much at all. Which was kind of a problem. whereas otoh, I'm not rabid Cumberbatch swooner, but holy crap. BOUGHT AND SOLD. And now I just want a movie where Harrison and Loki are both stuck in transparent cells and can only talk to each other because that would be gold. (War Horse -- so close to this dream, and yet so far...) I'd write it, but 90% of the appeal is listening to them, so there's not much point.

One week to Mumford and Sons! Kiddo will stay overnight with his grandparents and my dad is so cute, wanting to know who we were going to see though he probably doesn't know the names of any band after the Beatles. And of course he didn't. In hindsight, I might have been better off saying it's the band of Carey Mulligan's husband - Dad probably knows who she is, since he watches tv. heh