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24 May 2013 @ 09:39 pm
Fannish to do list  
1. NPT fic.
Status: I need to find the DVDs. so yeah. Poor.

2. Understanding the Storm, part IV. (possible titles: Hail of Shadows or Tempest Rising... some words like that. It's the part that goes between The Poison Rain and Comes the Hurricane. If you have an opinion on what seems good, fire away.)

Status: closing in on it. Final MiniBoss Fight underway.

3. BSG Big Bang: Black Sails at Dawn.

Status: same fucking status as two years ago. yep.

4. kink bingo.
Status: lolol. Right. Why the hell do I sign up for these and then forget they exist? I need to finish at least one for amnesty. porn, it's not hard right?

5. Marvel Bang.
Status: in a good place considering I have all summer.