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10 May 2013 @ 03:04 pm
I'm sorry my NPT author! This is the first time I've ever gotten questions for a ficathon. This is probably because my request basically boiled down to "WHATEVER. I'll like it. Here's some really vague ideas." Followed by a lot of arm-flapping. But ironically as I was answering the questions and coming up with some examples, I was all - "hey, that's a cool idea!" So at least there's that. Not that it had anything to do with my own actual assignment, but I should write the ideas down at least.

Discovered not only was my previous copy of Scrivenor only a expired trial (I thought I'd bought it last year as a winner from NaNo2011, but no), but I also I missed the half-off Nano 2012 coupon by A WEEK. *head desk* My timing is utterly impeccable as always. I was so mad at myself I went and I bought it anyway, even though I could've just used the trial version for at least a little while. But now that I have spent ACTUAL MONEY on an actual product for writing, I have to get my money's worth out of it, right? So, onward to the 'figuring out what the hell I'm doing' stage

Somewhat underwhelming, I thought. It had some excellent set pieces, and the flashback stuff was great as we found out what happened to Nathan and got Harold injured, but it obviously was all held to the reveal that the Machine is basically running itself now, and then sort of... limped along for another ten minutes.

It didn't help that Carter's side plot was definitely down in the subbasement, and made the absence of Fusco from the HR plot very pronounced. It kinda felt like they wanted to/should've held that stuff til next season but had to give it to her because she's not involved in the main Machine plot. So that was kinda disappointing.

But Team Badass Spies was badass - that car stunt was magical. (and holy shit, that's some kind of scary reasoning the Machine had to use to even come up with that as possible. They could've been killed). But I laughed like a loon as soon as I saw the helicopter. I thought they were just going to jump down to some wharf. But nooo, flying machine too!

Interesting factoid - Carrie Preston had to shoot all her scenes out of context long before the rest of the episodes, back in December before her True Blood commitment kicked in. She's so great.

(and speaking of actresses, Paige Turco's new pilot "The 100" was picked up, so I imagine we won't see a lot of Zoe. Not that we did before really, but I suspect the pilot is why they got Shaw on board, as Zoe's availability became iffy).

lizardbethlizardbeth_j on May 11th, 2013 07:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, look, there's me late to the party!

Name: Lizardbeth
Location: within driving distance of Tony Stark's (former) house
I plan to write about: since it's a rarepair I'm not sure I should state it, but it's a romance in difficult times

What do you like about Marvel? I like the variety of characters, and I really like the care they put in for the MCU in having things fit together and refer to each other. it's different and really fun
What other fandoms are you in? Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, though tbh I mostly reblog Hiddles pics like it's my freaking job lately
What do you like to do outside of fandom? writing, summer movies.

Favorite Marvel hero: ugh, how do I pick? oh, god, of all of them? Um, Natasha probably. Hawkeye. Thor, Tony. I can't decide and that's in the MCU. Pete Wisdom used to be my favorite when I was reading comics. *throws up hands in futility*
Favorite Marvel villain: Loki, Magneto
Favorite pairing: Tony/Pepper,

Favorite comic story arc: Hawkeye right now, Journey into Mystery. AoA Classic is probably my favorite Ginormous Crossover Event Evar.

Favorite Marvel show/movie: MCU is what made me really fannish, so that, I suppose, but I've enjoyed most of the cartoons. Looking forward to SHIELD now that it's officially picked up, YAYAYAY

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