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08 May 2013 @ 05:04 pm
Iron Man 3 on Friday. Yay for sleepovers! I am somewhat amused/disgruntled that the rest of the world was so nice about spoilers but then it took less than a week after the US release, but sigh. That's what I get for being on the internet I guess. Though did you hear about the 17-year-old girl who invented an app/extension that will hide and 'record' tweets with a certain reference, until you tell it to show them to you? THAT IS SO AWESOME FOR WEST COAST TV WATCHERS Y'ALL.

Speaking of marvel stuff, I signed up for marvel_bang since I'm addicted to ruining my own life. No this is not for Hurricane - which I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion I should split it after all into two, which means a new Storm related title! But anyway, not the point. I'm going to use the big bang to make myself finish that other unrelated Loki fic. Plus, art! Art is always nice.:) It's not due til Aug and I already have a bunch written.

I'm mostly behind on shows, but I've caught up to DW. I hope they get Vastra and Jenny at least for a movie/miniseries type thing on their own. That would be fun. Crimson Horror seemed a bit like a backdoor pilot, whether it was or not. It was quite fun, anyway.

I need to reset a lot of my dvr settings. It's still recording shows like H50 that I've since dropped (sorry Grace, you're still a badass but I just can't anymore), and I keep forgetting to add Defiance - which I'm continually having to ahem because it doesn't show up on demand for a week. And then I watch two weeks after everyone else, because I'm slow about watching stuff on my computer (I tend to want to write when I'm there, not watch tv)

Otherwise, my life is pretty much LITTLE LEAGUE for another few weeks and then FREEDOM. Truthfully I do like the games and seeing how much he's improved this year especially, but ugh, so many practices and games!
Rayrirenec on May 9th, 2013 08:36 pm (UTC)
Re comment on Twitter, I just wanted to offer fandom hugs. :)