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30 April 2013 @ 03:47 pm
Things that are ridiculous for 200  
ANSWER: It's over 63,000 words long.
QUESTION: WHAT IS THIS ABSURDLY EPIC piece of fanfic I call Hurricane for short?

That is correct.

Yes, it's been a good few days of writing.
tho considering how Tony's POV has muscled in on the plot, I'm a little afraid of what'll happen after I see IM3. Granted, the voice will probably be better, but jfc, Tony Stark, STFU. Also it's hard to give Barton anything useful to do. Character-wise he's an important voice, but eurgh, just not having you get killed is stretching my plausibility in this battle.

I know a bit of story has lost the plot and will eventually have to be snipped but it's fun. There's something to be said for how nicely things flow when you unknot the tangle, and you can really see how all the parts line up toward the conclusion.

And, oh yes, I still need to do the same for my BSG Big Bang. It's sitting there, still hovering.
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