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26 April 2013 @ 10:34 pm
TVD - The Originals  
Watched the episode/back door pilot, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. My issue with Klaus and co wasn't the character so much as how much he (and the others, but esp Klaus) warps the narrative in TVD. Everything has to be so ridiculously epic when they're around, because otherwise they can take care of it. It'll be nice to go back to more manageable threats.

I also might have enjoyed it because there was very little Elena and Salvatores, who I'm so very tired of. I would like Elena to be a person, not a robot (or y'know, be the good kind, not the boring kind apparently only programmed for meanness), and both Damon and Stefan to take a step back and figure out what the hell they're doing. It's obvious Elena cares somewhat or she would've just left town (well, no, probably not, since there's some kind of mystical Storybrooke-like field around Mystic Falls that prevents people from leaving even though they should).

Mostly I really liked that the episode let Joseph Morgan off his chain - dude can fucking act, even though they rarely give him much to do except be annoying. And Elijah of course always is classy and mastered the art of the dramatic entrance. They give me Loki-Thor feels, I cannot lie. It's only roughly comparable, not in detail, but yeah.

It does crack me up that people are bitching about the ludicrous plotline of the impossible pregnancy. I'm sorry, have you been watching this show? REMEMBER THE MOONSTONE? yeah, we went down that well a long time ago. and if you're going to complain about ripping shit off, the entire set up's a rip off of Interview with a Vampire, not Twilight. (and it is hilarious that the show was JUST THERE and yet, obviously, the show was not a twinkle in anyone's eye at that time, but hey, we'll just pretend they went to Atlanta or something and not Marcel's town).

But whatever, I have some cautious optimism. I like the dynamic set up as a power rivalry with Marcel and Klaus - Klaus is individually more powerful, but without an army/friends, that doesn't do him much good. Elijah will be around to offer some balance, and Rebekah will join them. Hayley - well, honestly, Phoebe Tonkin has never been a favorite of mine so we'll see how she goes. I also hope that Marcel's magical detection thingy continues forever and ever, because that should keep down the horrific deus ex magicka crap that infests TVD.

And hopefully the show can shed all the teenage drama stuff that also weighs down TVD. Someone described The Originals as potentially the Melrose Place to the TVD's 90210, and I hope so. A little more grown up supernatural soap would be great - I'm sad they didn't do this last year, I think it would've helped both shows this season.

next week: *sigh*