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25 April 2013 @ 09:27 am
Dear Not Prime Time Author  
Home of my Not Prime Time Ficathon letter.

FYI: Not Prime Time is a multifandom, middle-sized exchange - like Yuletide but for fandoms mostly too big for Yuletide, but not ginormous. So Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 and Person of Interest (to name just a few) are some of the choices.

1. Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Sam and Lee

These two were bros for, like, one perfect moment. So give me more of that: canon mutual angsting, AUs where Kara doesn't exist, platonic bffs, secret lovers, whatever.

So this is a different request for me, usually I'm a Kara/Sam shipper, but I wanted to do something a bit different this time around. The thing I love about Sam and Lee is that I really did get the feeling, especially in TSAR that these two could've been friends, if Kara hadn't been around. I'm good with everything from emotionally fraught conversations, to bro adventure, what-if-AUs, secretly married and frakking, whatever.

Except for a few narrow windows, they don't interact much in canon and even more rarely in a friendly way, so I am completely all right with whatever adjustments you want to make to canon, small to large. I just want them to have some good interaction and friendship, however that comes about. My AO3 has my couple of Sam/Lee fics if you want to look - you're welcome to use any of them as a jumping off point if you like, though of course you don't have to even look at them. If you have an idea, go for it.

2. Captain America (Movies)

Peggy Carter (Captain America movies)

I just like Peggy a lot. One idea is to explore what happens after the movie. Or how she got into the army. Or make her the one who gets the serum. Or, somewhere in between. I don't mind shippiness (Steve obvs, or Howard later, even), but by herself is great, too. I know nothing about her comics canon, so feel free to do as you like.

er, I can't think of much to add. I think Hayley Atwell is great, and Peggy is awesome. In addition to the above vague ideas - I'm sure it's been written a bazillion times already, but if you want to write a Doctor Who crossover where Peggy and Clara Oswald meet up, I would never say no.

3. Once Upon a Time (TV)

Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard
Prince "Charming" James | David Nolan

"I will always find you." and they mean it and they do it. And they're just so fierce and good. I'd love an adventure in the Enchanted Forest, or quiet dinner in Storybrooke, family time with their ever-more-ridiculously-extended family, etc.

This is actually one of the few shows where I am NOT all about the Cool Evil People, but I actually and unironically enjoy their love story. So fill in a gap, or give me a new adventure, or a talk about the shit that has befallen them, or having sex on the kitchen counter.

Romance. Love. Adventure. Family. that's what I like about them.

4. Thor
Thor (Thor movies)
Loki (Thor movies)

Brothers. Not in a 'cesty way (see letter for more on that), but just they are such a tragedy. Gimme more. Little adventures pre-film, spec on the next film. Angsty ruminations. It's all good.

Okay, this was a last-minute request, because I wasn't sure for the longest time that I wanted to request them. I am big, BIG fan of Asgardian shenanigans. I write them. I love them. (I also have a tremendous Hiddles crush. SO BE ADVISED). I love how neither of them can help who they are, and they talk past either because they're so different, and how Loki breaks Thor's heart and Loki hates him, and yet if Thor died, I think Loki would be utterly crushed and lost. I believe they were much closer when they were younger, before the favoritism got out of hand when Thor grew into his strength (and, I also believe, Odin was something of a self-fulfilling prophet in that he feared what Loki would grow up to be, and created the climate where by it would come to pass.)

I have read some Thunderfrost 'cest stories which I liked, though generally unless you take it seriously as a measure of actual fuckedupness, I'm not into just the porn part of it.

I'm also good with AU here, as well, if you want to take a spin and find a way to make it not a tragedy. my fic "Understanding the Storm" is kind of my manifesto on how they work in my mind. I'm good with less-redeemable takes, too, but generally I do tend to believe that the MCU version his fall was NOT inevitable. Frigga clearly does love him in the movie (which is different from most takes on the story when she hates him, and ought to give him more of a chance) and I feel like there must have been opportunities when they were younger where different choices could've been made that might have changed the end result. So an exploration of any of that would be fun and interesting too. (I'm also fully spoiled for Dark World, you can use any of that, as well)

I also love Frigga and Sif.

Anyway, I'm making grabby hands at any and all of it.

Thank you so much for taking this on and sitting through this vague and incoherent list of ramblings! Mostly have fun writing it and I'll have fun reading it. I just enjoy stories about my favorite characters, so have at
it. :D