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17 April 2013 @ 09:06 am
Glorious popcorn  
Tumblr is refusing to scroll backwards more than a page - this is VERY INCONVENIENT when I enjoy looking at all the Hiddleston gifs from the MTV Movie Awards. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to know they were holding that about three miles from me? I COULD HAVE WALKED. Except for how I wouldn't have, because I'd have felt ridiculous, but it's the thought okay. Anyway, he is too charming to be a mortal human, and he probably really is Loki fucking with us this whole time. I bet when he auditioned for the part of Thor, that was his ~chance, and then Branagh said "no, you'd be better as Loki, I think" and he thought "not even in this fucking human movie I can be Thor? I guess i'll have to take over the world through fangirls, instead. Okay, done. Yes, even you, liz." And then I was all... damn. okay, you win. *hands over fangirl passport to get a visa for Hiddlesland*

Speaking of, there was a Thor 2 trailer report that sounds like it'll be more than just some short vague teaser - SOOOOON. also the new Into Darkness and Man of Steel trailers are frakking epic.

Writing happened! Here, have a cheerful line from today:

The night passed slowly - no food, no drink, no rest, only sharp blades and blood.

yes, I've now reached the unfun part of the story. I avoided it for awhile - skipping merrily right over it - but it's time has come. :/ (which is probably why I'm otherwise so silly today; that is some hard stuff I'm writing right now.)

I want to talk about Spartacus, but honestly it still makes me cry, so there's that. Look, here's the thing about that show -- it started off this campy excuse for excess. Everybody who watches it cops to that, and that's the sheen it has that some people don't look past. But there was so much more there: so many characters, all strong, all different, all "real". So many themes of freedom, war, and the price we pay to get what we want.

And while I defend Lost and BSG finales against the haters, and there are other finales I've enjoyed for various reasons, this finale I will say was THE SINGLE MOST satisfying show finale I can remember. Perfectly crafted.

I... I suspect it's probably heresy, but I think the show should've pruned more, tbh. While I'm not lost, even though I never read SOS (I am however very spoiled for all events), the show's feeling really choppy this season wandering among all the various players. I'm sure everyone is Very! Important! but, c'mon, tighten it up. (she says, knowing this is exactly what I do)

But that said the Road Trips are delightful - both the GrownUp Road Trip of Jaime and Brienne and the Kid's Version with Arya and Gendry. FYI: Gendry is still Sam Anders' little brother.

SO GLAD Dany chastised her 'advisors' - jfc you guys, united front. it's not a hard concept.

Theon. Don't care. Stannis. Don't care.

Riverrun and that - more or less don't care. I'm just trying to enjoy Robb's face while it's here and feeling SO SAD for Cat. man, her life blows. and seriously, y'all? Her and the family's luck is horrible enough I think the gods actually ARE out to get her family.

The Small Council was awesome. Tywin Lannister is a dick (not news).

PODRICK AND THE COPIOUS DETAILS. lololol. I could've lived without that entire subplot, but that was funny.
The Other Crazy French Chick: AVENGERS loki's facehobbitofkobol on April 17th, 2013 04:21 pm (UTC)

the other hypothesis that I read is that Marvel grows actors in labs so that they're perfect for future roles and then sends them to live amont us simple mortals until the time is right
lizardbeth: Av - Hiddleston liferuinerlizardbeth_j on April 17th, 2013 04:58 pm (UTC)

I mean he MUST have some kind of magical power because he basically yanked me out of Trucco-land without even trying. HOW DOES HE WORK???