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08 April 2013 @ 01:13 pm
Dead and the Dying  
In real life news, massive coach asshattery ended our little league game on Saturday as the opposing coach forfeited the game and left. ugh. Like, seriously? You pack up your toys and go home? Fabulous example of sportsmanship, sir. *grumpy cat pic*

In happier tv land -- kidding. Not when I'm talking about the penultimate ep of Spartacus... God, remember when I thought this show was just a campy excuse for blood? which okay, it kinda started that way, I will admit, but somehow along the way, I LOVE EVERYBODY IN THIS BAR and they're going to die and it's so awful, why did I do this? It's not like I didn't know!!!

For all that it was a horrifically depressing title, actually no one died. Well, okay Tiberius died, but I don't count him because he was a shit, but man, even in death, he screwed stuff up. Not that it wasn't completely awesome that Kore killed his ass, because it was, but it was like, not even dying saved everybody the noxiousness of his existence. At least he's gone. And it was also great that he's now this secret that she and Caesar share. (and hee, speaking of Caesar, that was an awesome moment when he gets himself out of going to "Pompey"s men. I don't like him much, but he's smart, no question).

Naevia. oh so sad. it's so harsh when Agron comes back and she knows Crixus can't. But she was beautifully fierce in the arena. And special props to Spartacus for not stealing the vengeance from her - he could've just taken Tiberius away for the trade, but he left it to her choice. And much as it was tempting to kill him, she didn't.

I love how the arena scenes were set up to give all the mains their (probably) final opportunity in the fighting spotlight. The people who follow him get a chance to see Spartacus' prowess up close, and I especially loved the reaction shots: Gannicus all excited watching Spartacus fight, like the fanboy he's become, and in Gannicus' fight Spartacus doesn't even watch - he's all "dude's only fighting three, big fucking deal, let me know if he stops playing with his food."

And then the farewell was beautifully set up to acknowledge all who've gone before. In a way it makes the "Dead and the Dying" the end - the series finale will be the epilogue. We know that everyone in that arena are the Dying, the only question is who might be the living.

I'm thinking Agron, Nasir, and Laeta live -- Agron and Nasir, because it seems kind of weird to fake out his death and then do it anyway two eps later, and Spartacus clearly said, "all who are able" and that would seem to eliminate Agron, and I don't think Nasir will leave him. And Laeta, just because I hope she's pregnant and so Spartacus can have a direct legacy and a child who can escape and live in freedom.

Gonna be so many tears on Friday. I mean, seriously, most series try not to end up as fucking TRAGEDIES. But this thing is going to end up like Hamlet. Not even GoT is gonna end up that way (well, I assume - but mostly because I assume that too many will die along the way for a huge mass death at the end)

oh, and I should add that, for all fandom is kind of all about everybody else, I really think Liam McIntyre is bringing it HARD this season. He's grown into Spartacus so much. Those were big shoes, but he filled them and did it well.

And heh, my big thought at the end was that of all the claimants for the throne in Game of Thrones, this Spartacus is the only one I would actually choose to follow. Sadly, it's going to be a messy end, but still. *salutes*

I was gonna add DW and GoT but this got out of hand, so I should do those as new posts.
klaetificat on April 8th, 2013 09:27 pm (UTC)
I have a friend who is convinced that Spartacus and everyone is going to live because "why else would they tell this story?"

... ahahaha oh dear God our educational system today.
lizardbeth: Spartacuslizardbeth_j on April 8th, 2013 09:49 pm (UTC)

... or, y'know, THE MOVIE???


I suppose they could've ended the show last week with his actual fate left to history and not depicted it, but when we know what it is that feels, I dunno, dishonest. In a fictional story you can do that, because it's made up, so their final fate could be anything, but here, we know - the show's not going to have Spartacus kill Caesar and ride off into the sunset, because that's not how it goes.

BRBSOBBING over people dead for two thousand years...

klaetificat on April 8th, 2013 11:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I guess they could probably let Spartacus go free over the mountains because history says they never found his body. But that seems dishonest, too... everyone else dies and the reason they died escapes? It just seems unfair to me.

lizardbeth: Spartacuslizardbeth_j on April 8th, 2013 11:21 pm (UTC)
I did have the thought that it would be kind of awesome if he got away and then was secretly behind some later Roman events, like Caesar's assassination. But in this 'verse everybody seems to know what he looks like, so it would be sort of... tricky. lol

But yeah, all his followers and not him? does seem kind of cheap, esp since he wouldn't want that. though, okay, if this were more fictional, I could see a few of the folk forcing him off the field and away - if they knew that was the end of it, to try to make sure the rebellion continued...