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21 March 2013 @ 11:35 pm
Massive Update of Stuff  
wow, I apparently have picked up the 'never updating' disease which is afflicting so many. sorry!  And it's not like I'm really hanging out elsewhere or being any more busy than normal either. Just... eh, I don't know, I'm hardly interactive online at all lately to the point where I'll probably post more, not less, while I'm on vacation. Maybe. But hopefully during/after our vacation trip I'll be all enthused again.

We're leaving on a car trip tomorrow for spring break, so we're getting all our stuff together. (you know, dumping the pics from the last six months off the camera, collecting movies for the car, things like that...) The best part of a car trip is that you don't have to shove everything into a suitcase. The worst part is it's a car trip... I like the part when you see stuff, but there's a whole lot of nothing in between. But the very best part is going to be the surprise playdate at the Grand Canyon - kidlet has no idea that one of his besties is going to be there at the same time, by pure coincidence of timing. (though now it occurs to me that the kids probably talked so they know they're both going, so maybe it won't be a surprise after all, but it'll be fun).

Kiddo has seen the first half of The Hobbit and enjoyed it (he read the book a few months back). But he's so cool, I was trying to prep him with some the changes and he told me, "It's a movie, it's not gonna be just like the book, I know that."  WISE SMALL MORTAL. He is also totally down with seeing Desolation of Smaug in the theater (he was a bit unsure about part 1 so I held off until we could see it at home). We were talking about the book and how the movies have to fill in the characters, and man, I wish I'd written down his criticism of how Bard shows up, because that was hilarious. We'll see the other half on the trip, but we just ran out of time.

I've been writing on Hurricane which has now crossed 42K (and that's after I stripped out the stuff from the early draft). I've done the 'fun' stuff, now it's a more difficult section where I bring in the villain for the first time. It can be tricky to build the villain up too much and not pay it off with actual villainy  (see also Klaus for an example of how not to do it...), so I want what he does to be scary and worth all the fear, and then to inspire more of it, that yes, he IS a big threat and holy shit we need the Avengers for this and even that isn't enough...

Hobbit feels have made me re-read all the unpublished LotR fic I have in my file. weirdly though I'm most inspired by a sort of random line in the movie when Elrond mentions how he met Thrain and somehow that got into my head about how Elrond went to Erebor and stopped by at Mirkwood in yet another effort of his to matchmake Arwen and Legolas (cuz dude you know they tried that).  Which got me then thinking of an AU where they actually get together and how that would fuck everything up in LotR canon. I... kind of enjoy that sort of thing, lol.  It also made me look at my long-abandoned AU where Legolas takes the ring and things go to hell horribly, and eurgh, WHY SO AWESOME SELF?  WHY U NO FINISH?  fucking movie, I knew this would happen.

I need to do a tv post when I get back, because good grief, there's a whole lot of teevee coming so I probably should at least mention some stuff I've seen, before GoT and other stuff starts up again.

But really nothing on tv lately has made me quite as gleeful as a few minutes of Lizzie Bennet Diaries today!   :D
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M: Movie - Tangled adorablenessmfirefly10 on March 22nd, 2013 09:06 am (UTC)
I hope you have an excellent time on your trip! Though I can imagine both the positive and negative parts of car trips :)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was ADORABLE and AWESOME today! Only 2 more episodes, though :(