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21 February 2013 @ 04:41 pm
so about that...  
bsg_checkin reminded me of my WIPs, so naturally I went off and wrote LBD fanfic based on those cast photos from the Streamys. um... this was not in the plan. PLANS often fail on account of LOVE. I've heard this. somewhere. So anyway, that should be tomorrow. After I write the smut part. And it's already ridic long for what was meant to be a silly little piece of not-RPF.

ugh, I feel bad about skipping bsg_remix but I just have so little bsg creativity these days, and I fear remix would just be weeks of me staring blankly and a week of writing crap just to have it done. :(

Person of Interest tonight, with Sarah Shahi. Playing a SAMANTHA. Because clearly what tv is lacking are characters NAMED SAM. argh. Baby book, writers, it's not hard. But I'm looking forward to the ep and her continuing role, since I do like her as an actress, in spite of how Fairly Legal ended up.

Let's see, meanwhile, Arrow continues to be ridiculously awesome with its casting, with both Callis and Colton Haynes. Tthough I'm actually a bit more curious by the Random Appearance of Chin Han there as Moira's associate - he doesn't do a lot of TV and doesn't live in Vancouver, afaik, but anyway, I'm just gonna assume he's still Lau, since they didn't give us a last name and there's no particular reason Arrow can't be in TDK'verse... Anyway, show was fun, as per usual.
Ray: Cometrirenec on February 23rd, 2013 11:04 am (UTC)
I've left Remix this year too, being unsure if I can pull something out of the bag. And, lol, re checkin making you write something else - KNOW THIS FEELING, hee.

Is Arrow worth watching as a whole? I've heard mixed reviews. :)
lizardbeth: C Balelizardbeth_j on February 24th, 2013 02:45 am (UTC)
Is Arrow worth watching as a whole? I've heard mixed reviews. :)

I... have no idea what to say? I mean, yes, I watch it, so obviously I think so. But it might not be your thing? it's "superheroes' but far more of the gloomy,gritty Dark Knight variety, and it's a bit cheesy cuz it's CW. Episodes are a bit repetitive in structure, but it's early days yet, and the world-building is pretty good and also Stephen Amell has a great bod . So. watch one and if the tone appeals then stick with it since it grows nicely.