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17 February 2013 @ 08:05 pm
weekendy things  
It's a long weekend for us (Kid had Friday off as well) so we went to Disney California Adventure (the secondary park to Disneyland). We haven't been since they overhauled the park and especially since they put in Cars Land. It's much better designed and though the theme of California is still present, it's also better integrated with Disney stuff.

The only interesting characters sighted was Duffy, the teddy bear that Disney is trying REALLY HARD to make happen here. DisneySea in Tokyo had Cruella deVil and Bernard and Bianca walking around, which was awesome, since I've never seen at Disneyland. CarsLand is pretty fun. We did the Racers ride, promptly the kid's favorite ever, and then later at lunchtime, a nice family gave us their FastPasses because they were leaving. Mind you, at this point, the ride was over 2 hrs wait without a pass, so there was no way we were going to do it again without fast passes, which were gone an hour into the park opening this morning. it's VERRY popular. So we were all excited that we'd be able to get on Racers again with a 15 min wait, or so.

Aaaand then the ride broke down. We decided that we'd wait for an hour but then we'd have to split (we had dinner reservations). We were close to the front so could watch everyone scurry around and move cars - they got a round of applause when the test car went all the way through. It's funny how when you're in the line and it's moving, however slowly, it's still very antisocial, but get into a line you know isn't going anywhere for awhile, and it starts to feel like you're all camping out for the midnight showing at the theater. Suddenly everyone's talking and the kids start to hang out and watch each other's games, etc.

Later we watched the World of Color show, which really is a pretty spectacular water and light show. WITH FIRE. did not expect the fire FX. (Bet Disney's kinda sorry John Carter didn't do better so they could've talked about the red sands of Barsoom in the show... As it is, it's weird that Pirates is the only live-action that appears in the show).

Kidlet actually only wanted one small Perry the Platypus, but because I'm a fangirl, I also bought the Minnie-as-Queen Amidala and Mickey as Anakin to go with the Mickey Luke and Minnie Leia I already have. Because, y'know, you gotta have the family. (although the Daisy-as-Asajj Ventress was most adorable)

So that was fun. We also stayed down there overnight, and then had a very leisurely morning of it to head home. Then today we went to the Harlem Globetrotters "game". The game was unfortunately sort of set up around the concept of the "4 point shot" which were these two spots back from the 3 point line and only one of the guys actually hit one. However we got swag - we were the row that was sponsored by Wonderful Pistachios, so we got bright green reusable shopping bags and towels and free bags of nuts. So that was lucky. :)

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The Plaid Slytherin: [BSG] Bill/Saul - facing each otherplaid_slytherin on February 18th, 2013 05:37 am (UTC)
Duffy, the teddy bear that Disney is trying REALLY HARD to make happen here

I so don't get Duffy. I remember there was some other bear that was just called Disney Bear or something and it flopped miserably and then they brought in Duffy (who is apparently big in Japan) and I just don't get it. (I may be somewhat irrational on this matter.)

Love World of Color. <3 Wish they would bring it to this coast.
lizardbeth: Tangledlizardbeth_j on February 18th, 2013 06:19 am (UTC)
Duffy is SO HUGE at Tokyo Disneyland. Half the gift shop was Duffy stuff this past summer when we were there. And yeah, I don't get it either - except for how it seemd like it was occupying the same niche as Build-a-Bear with all the little outfits, but it's, like, Fake Disney to me.