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30 January 2013 @ 03:02 pm
eating leftover cake  
It was kid's bday party on Sunday (his actual bday was back in Dec but we put off the party so not to conflict with other parties and the general pain in the ass-ness of the holidays). The party was small at an indoor go-kart race track. All that time he's spent playing Mario Kart apparently helped a lot since he won both his races. (one of the other parents was joking that A's found a sport that's not expensive at all... lol) It's so adorable how he gets this Super Focused Look when he's driving. He of course, wants to go again. I want to do it, too- it looks like a lot of fun. Also his cake was yummy.

The teaser for Thor 2 is supposed to be out early April - that is either true and it'll be attached to GI Joe 2, or it's a mistake, because I can't believe Disney isn't going to put it in front of OZ, which opens mid March. OMG WANT RFN. I know it's not going to be much, but ideally I want to hear how Malekith talks. which is a weird thing to want out of a trailer, but if I'm gonna get jossed, it shouldn't be for something so simple, right? Pleaseplease movie gods have Eccleston narrate the teaser all about his Evil Plans? That would be splendid thx.

I managed somehow to pull out two more little Porn Battle entries ("pull out". heh. And also I'd just like to point out how hard is to write someone getting stabbed with a spear and NOT have it sound sexual?) Anyway that's a different fic.

This is a little Kara/Sam, Sam/solo thing. GONE

and similar in theme, actually, a last-second drabble: Sam/Lee, Without a Light .

So ha, BSG MUSE shows up! (but MCU MUSE is, like, painting her nails, all 'whatev, I got a story and a second epic including dialogue performed in the shower out of porn battle, bitch, you got two drabbles, so don't even')