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25 January 2013 @ 12:42 pm
wow I haven't felt like a t.v. post in a while. So here, two for the price of one!

Excuse me while I go roll around in the awesomeness of Supernatural for awhile. Because "LARP and the real girl"? YOU GUYS SO GOOD.

I like a lot of this season in general, but this one was a throwback to the great comedy eps of yore (CHANGING CHANNELS OMG). Plus Felicia Day is great. I don't know if it's because she calls them out on bullshit at the script stage, or they just got a clue, or they're more careful with her character because she's independently famous in the same crowd, or what, but this whole episode's script seemed a conscious effort to do better. So YAY SHOW. COOKIES.

Like, I was not one of the people that got all offended by Becky's first episode - I still think that was an affectionately mocking take on fandom. (Because SPN fandom IS crazy, less so now, I think, but still) But it WAS mocking, where this one with the LARPing wasn't just affectionate but also showed I think some actual knowledge of things like yes, people with regular jobs do this (insurance adjuster, lawyer - it wasn't all "nerd in mommma's basement' stereotype, you know?).

I will admit to a glance at my framed LotR poster on the wall when they showed Victim Dude #1's house and the LotR poster on his wall. But mine is the Argonath version, so y'know, WAY less nerdy. *nods*

FAIRY BANGING. awwww and hee.

And then when we got to the Braveheart thing at the end? *snorflegigglefit* Dean knows the Braveheart speech by heart. LOLOLOL <3

So many fun things.

Oy, that sire bond is the worst plot device. Other people have done the whole ugh-worthiness of it, but that's not even my beef with it. This show uses compelling at the drop of the hat for EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING EVER, and the sire bond is just a version of that. So, y'know, I can't really get all bothered by taking someone's will away, cuz it happens all the freaking time in this show.

But it's actually worse because it's so obvious they're trying to use it to have it both ways, besides. We don't know what's actually "Elena" or not. It's not as clearly *not* her, like straight out compulsion is - she does have decision making ability and they made sure to tell us the bond only happens when there's actual feeling there. (I still straight up think the whole thing is a bullshit plot device, but that applies to a lot on this show, so *shrug* and move on) But it gives a cover to everything Elena does - "It's not her, it's the sire bond!" And because it's a bullshit plot device that came out of nowhere, we don't have any idea how true that actually is. (there's very little she's done which I could say is unequivocally not something she would do ANYWAY).

It is kind of hilarious though that there's so much compulsion on this show that Damon could use his compelled!Elena to get out of the cell to go fulfill his compelled mission. It's a CHAIN of compulsion. (now all that remains is for Elena to compel poor hapless Mat into releasing Damon)

Y'know kids, instead of worrying about the freaking cure, how about you drive to the nearest large population center and BUY SOME VERVAIN first? Maybe that's what Caroline was busy doing...

Anyway, Kol. aw, too bad the only Original with any sense (well, Elijah too, but he's off being sensible elsewhere), is marked for death. Even though Elena's "plan" is officially a ridiculous retread of an already ridiculously repetitive "Kill an Original" plot. I mean, REALLY? because killing Originals always turns out so well, Elena? But since Kol is the disposable one, it'll probably work. (I'm morbidly curious about what the 'excuse' for Klaus not slaughtering them all when Kol dies is gonna be. Because obviously he won't, but he really should. Yes, he needs Elena for her doppelganger blood and maybe he feels a bit of attachment to Stefan still, but Klaus should've ripped off Damon's head at least a season ago).

Stefan bb. He's just trying so hard to cut his ties to Elena. I think because he believes/fears that even after the cure it won't matter, so he's just getting a headstart. He did, after all, do this before, in the ripper arc, so it's consistent. He thinks he's gonna lose in the end, so he burns his bridges ahead of time to get it over with. But after last week, I don't blame him. They broke up, she slept with Damon ,and said she wasn't in love with Stefan anymore. Even if you ascribe ALL those things to the sire bond, it doesn't mean none of those things aren't hurtful or were unlikely to happen without it.

I do in fact, wonder whether Stefan's in this for the cure himself, nor for her. Or not for her alone. And not even so they can be together, since he seems to be writing that off, but just to stop being a vampire. Though I'm predicting Damon will end up with it. Maybe there'll be enough for everybody? That could be fun - Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline all human again, reset for next season, esp if Klaus and Rebekah decamp for the spinoff. Although the vampires are so human it hardly would make much difference, I suppose.

I could just listen to Rick Worthy talk, no matter what he says. He has such a great voice. He should've been the Cylon who gave rallying speeches all about how humans are awful. It would sound so *reasonable* in his voice. And hey, Bonnie has someone who kinda gives a damn about her (three seasons late, but better than never, right?) Though, yay for even more magic than can do whatever the plot requires? At least Bonnie's getting something to do, though.

gosh. it's been awhile. I should do that more often...