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16 January 2013 @ 04:44 pm
It's Justified.  
"Where's Waldo?" is the ep title. lolol

Art Mullen continues to be THE BEST. Because really, being the boss of Raylan? I would dissolve into snarky commentary as well. Probably not as snappy as Art's though. (and Nick Searcy's "acting school" videos are also hilarious, btw.)

WYNN DUFFY. damn, sir. You took a level in Corporate Evil, congratulations.

Look, it's a sighting of the rare bird known as the Deputy Tim! (also a Snarky Badass - I kinda hope he becomes Raylan's boss if Art really is leaving -- which NOOOOOOO! but if it does happen, Tim should totally take over his shoes).

I want Shelby and Raylan to talk SO BADLY. Jim Beaver, I'm not sorry that Bobby's dead, but I'm very glad you're on this show now so you can continue to be on my t.v.

Love the Boyd preacher-off with Preacher Bob. great callback to S1.

The fake Waldo family was a hoot (perverts!) esp at the end where Raylan's all "yeah, your check scam is now officially the least of your problems. Well done!" hee.

I also caught up on Arrow in time for the new ep. Fun show but, LOL, did Tommy's dad have him at fifteen? Cracks me up that Tommy full on says he's nearly 30 when Barrowman's barely 45. It's certainly possible and he could be a step-child or something, but it's still funny.

Now, to get caught up on TVD. I'm far less eager for that one, though. *sigh* Hopefully it'll feel less like homework when I start watching.

SyFy just canceled ALPHAS. boooooooo. I liked my plotty superhero show. :(
fragrantwoodsfragrantwoods on January 17th, 2013 01:29 am (UTC)
I just watched this week's "Justified." The preach-off was AWESOME and I enjoyed them plus poor, poor Ellen May and annoyed Ava. So happy there was lots of Art, and it showed how well he knows his screwy team. And I loved Tim throwing in "DMZ" to see if they're still listening!

What a lovely family...I've worked with that family! Except for the "husband falling out of a plane 30 years ago" part.

Oh, Wynn...I was strangely happy to see him not being terrorized by a Quarles figure.

lizardbeth: Justified-hatlizardbeth_j on January 17th, 2013 08:27 pm (UTC)
Justified is such a fun show!

and hee, that bit with Tim (well, both bits, but the one where he's reading the list), is so funny, poking fun at both Art and Raylan.

Yeah, poor Ellen May. I love that this show can have this one-off prostitute who's grown into a character we actually know and root for (and moves the plot, for that matter).