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11 January 2013 @ 12:35 am
POI- Prisoner's Dilemma  
Damn, they warned us and they were not kidding.

First, I'm sorry I have to explode with this--


and damn, the Machine. But still not quite capable of giving more than the code. But still, wow. Intervention.

and oh Carter and Reese. That whole thing was just killing me. John was telling (some of) the truth, and you could tell when he was talking about "Allison" that Carter knew he was talking about Jessica. :( And then Carter doing EVERYTHING she can to help him out and then it turns out that Donnelly wasn't testing only John, he was testing *her* and


Those were some amazing scenes with the two of them.

AND ELIAS. Now that was a surprise. I'd totally forgotten he was supposed to be there until John went past the Former Owners of Bear and I was like, "wait a second..." and then, presto, Elias.

Donnelly, too bad you didn't get to sing your solo as you jumped off the bridge into the river, but y'know, that's what happens to obsessed lawmen. (though I guess it's really like if the bitch ex-girlfriend of Valjean killed him, rather than suicide, but details. He had John in that car without backup, that's pretty much suicide.)

STANTON. Damn, what the hell does she want? Is she 'saving' John? We know she's been around, so she didn't want anything urgent with him. But she pumped him full of something, so I don't think it's to help him get out of town.

And on the trivial side, does John actually go into that cover story office? He must at least somewhat to keep it up. So when does he sleep? (it makes me think of that scene in TDK when it's supposed to be the board meeting and Bruce is napping at the end of the table.)

Finch and his 'just add water' background creation was very impressive. Scary even in its thoroughness and speed.

Bear needs to track John so they can be badass human/canine bros again. :(

It'll be interesting to find out if the Machine is going to keep track of John (assuming Stanton kidnaps him) and can somehow pass that info to Harold.

And then we have to wait??? ER, CBS H8U.
entertaining in a disturbing way: Anders sweetlyssie on January 15th, 2013 01:20 am (UTC)
My thoughts are still all over the place--I think I've lost the ability to be coherent, or at least to focus my coherence enough to get my thoughts about tv on paper.

But one of the things I liked about this (and the previous) episode is how... devoted? I suppose that's the word. Devoted Carter is to Reese. I mean, she's obviously had this back-up plan sitting around for the inevitable, so she was expecting to have to bail him out of jail and whatever. And. Just.

The utter trust she has in him (and how much he has in her, given that he knows that she Knows things about him--like Jessica). He trusted her to pull his ass out of the fire, to interrogate him and at the same time keep him safe.

And Carter! She knew all the buttons to press to break Holt, which was amazing

I just, these two episodes delivered on so much, for me. And I loved them. And I can't wait for more (even if I have to worry about Stanton torturing/using Reese and/or Carter)
lizardbeth: Av - Nat Reese 2lizardbeth_j on January 15th, 2013 08:54 pm (UTC)
I loved the acknowledgment that she was already neck deep and it was too late for either of the others to try to keep her out of it. Because yes, that's so true.

but yes! this run of eps has been amazing. And the present day Stanton - Reese confrontation is going to rock. when we finally get to see it.