lizardbeth (lizardbeth_j) wrote,

poor fishy

Bought three new fish today - one alas didn't survive the trauma of the transfer (or possibly had an unfortunate encounter with the filter intake...) Poor little thing. But even with the loss, my once solitary goldfish has grown to four fish and three snails. Next thing you know we'll get a dog or something hardcore like that..

We pulled the lights off the house in the last gasp of holiday decorations. *SAD* I love the lights on the houses and it all looks so gloomy and dim now. boo. I could do without the rest of it, but could we just start a fashion trend of keeping sparkly colored lights on people's houses all year round?

Today was the first of three playoff games for kiddo's AYSO multi-region championship (it's like Little League - as long as you keep winning you can eventually get up to the Nationals). They managed to tie - and this without practice for two weeks and down one of their best players who was stuck in Michigan. It was muddy from last night's rain and the kids were falling down like something out of a slapstick comedy. Next week the games are Sat and Sun (in a round-robin, pool play), hopefully the field will be drier. It's funny - I'm both excited and proud for them, but also very willing for the season to be over!
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