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01 January 2013 @ 01:11 pm
2012 Fic in Review!  
First, since it's New Year's I get to claim my [community profile] yuletide fics for the year:

1. Operation Save Suri
Suri's Burn Book. When Suri gets the devastating news about HRH the Baby of Cambridge, the other kids rally to help her.

2. Two Halves of my Heart
Princess of China (Music Video by Coldplay) - with bonus crossover with the vid for "Viva La Vida".

Obviously the main thing that happened this year for me fannishly is falling into another fandom after hanging onto BSG for so long. I really had no intention of getting into Avengers at all - I mean, I like it, but I don't think it's a masterpiece or was even the best movie I saw in 2012. But I've managed to write a whole lot of words for it, somehow!

Avengers/MCU stories:

(there is one more, my Clint/Natasha fic for [profile] be_compromised Secret Santa, which will go here, as soon as authors are revealed.)

Days of Darkness Which We Have Known
Maria/Steve. Post movie, friendship-love fic.

Frigga helps kid!Loki understand mortality.

Holding the Light (Masterpost)
Avengers/Person of Interest. John Reese, Agent of SHIELD.

These three go together in order:
Understanding the Storm
Understanding the Storm: Prelude
The Poison Rain
After Loki is brought home to Asgard, Frigga and Thor try to understand and save him from himself.

Princess in the Tower
Future daughter of Clint/Natasha is really, really tired of living a double life.

Hope is for Children
Natasha watches Clint sleep on the Helicarrier.

Remedial Reading
Clint/Natasha. Clint is clueless about pop culture. (ficlet)



Frozen in Time
AU. Husker Adama encounters Sam/the Five at the end of the First Cylon War.

I Know Where the Dead Ends Are
(crossover Terminator On Earth, Professor Anders meets Sarah and John Connor.

Fate Averted
Remix. Five ways that five deaths might not have happened.

Path of Most Resistance
AU. Boomer joins the Caprica Resistance.

Another Stop on the Way to the Fall
Sam, pre-attacks.

Friendship ficlets
Sam and Laura, Sam and Jean

Dancing in the Fountain
the Five, Earth 1.0, ficlet


Song that echoes on
Kara/Sam. Sam's the pilot and Kara's the pyramid player left on Caprica

Kara/Sam. Sam wakes up from his coma

A Leaf in the Stream
Kara/Sam. Kara, Sam, and Kacey have to find their own way when they're left behind in the exodus off New Caprica

Kara/Sam. Dark ficlet about what might've happened if Kara had come back to Caprica too late.

Home for the Holidays
Kara/Sam, total modern Earth AU.

Heat of an Earth Afternoon
Kara/Sam. Earth settlement AU.


One Night
Sam/Lee. commentfic

Stolen Moments
Sam/Lee. ADULT.

Dark Magic AU
Sam/Lee. A bunch of inter-connected ficlets detailing a BSG magic AU where Lee's the Prince of Galactica, and a wizard, and Sam's his lover. This is one of my 'maybe I should make this into original fic' ideas.

Let Go
Sam/Ellen. ADULT. Breathplay/bdsm

Helo/Barolay. ficlet.

Helo/Natalie. ficlet.

The Great Squid of Picon
Sam and the Great Squid. TENTACLE PORN.

BSG Kink drabbles (various pairings, but mostly featuring Sam):


No Shadows Fall
Babylon 5. Someone long lost returns to the station.

You Best Not Miss
Fairly Legal. Justin/Lauren.

With the Dogs
Person of Interest. Carter knows she's committed.

Hold the Line
Babylon 5/Dragonriders of Pern fusion.

By the numbers: I uploaded 143,000 words to AO3, which isn't totally accurate but close enough. For a fandom I'm only sort-of in, still, I managed about 30K of BSG, I wrote something like 80-90 for MCU, including two large epics, Understanding the Storm sequence and Holding the Light, my Person of Interest crossover.

My Best story: hm, not really sure. as far as short stories go, I'll say Days of Darkness Which We Have Known because a lot of my 'short stories' are really just bits of larger AUs, which may find an ending, but are certainly not 'the' ending. But this is a true stand-alone.

My Favorite Story: Understanding the Storm. YOU GUYS, I cannot express how much I love this series/my 'verse (or how much part IV is kind of scary, not because it's epic, which I can deal with, but because I'm afraid of losing the parts of UtS that I love the most in amongst all the Stuff Which Happens).

Favorite OC: She's not an OC, but Frigga wasn't exactly the most fully characterized in the movie. Everything else about Frigga in my stories is mine (since we do know enough to know she's not very much like her canon counterparts at all). And I love her so much. She figures out her mistake and she fixes it, and then she makes everyone else fix it. She wins because, she's smart and she's stubborn and because she loves. She's awesome.

-- If she doesn't count, then Svetlana in "Princess in the Tower" is my favorite true OC. She was my first real kid POV and she was so much fun.

Story most under-appreciated by fandom in my opinion: my usual opinion is that all of them are, of course, but I am surprised that even the hits on my fic for 'Princess of China' are so low.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write: TENTACLE PORN OMG

Sexiest story: Stolen Moments. It's so much fun to write Sam and Lee in this verse.

Hardest story to write: "Poison Rain" -- let me put it this way - when your main character is in a prison cell and can't go anywhere, that's one problem. Worse, you have a crap load of Asgardian dialogue to get through, so you say it all aloud in proper accents to try make it work. If you do that, you WILL get to the point that your imitation of Chris Hemsworth is kind of scary accurate. fyi

Easiest story to write: 'Fate Averted' - a lot of the others came easy/easier, but for this one, once I had the concept I wanted to use for the remix, finding the five ways to fix it came to me very quickly. I think the story really demonstrates how everything in BSG was designed to SUCK - so many horrible tragic things could've turned another way so easily.

Did you take on any writing risks this year? It's not really a risk, but it felt like a risk to get so deep into a new (ginormous) fandom and write big epics, especially.

Biggest disappointment: I suppose that both my Yuletide fics sank like a stone this year.

Biggest surprise I expected my Asgardian Family Shenanigans to do well (For me, anyway - it's a huge fandom and I have a tiny piece of it, but it's hella more than I've had before), but the best surprise has been some of the truly thoughtful and excited comments I've got for it, which really made me feel like people were getting it.

Fic Goals for 2013:

1. Finish frakking Black Sails.
Because it's just ridiculous at this point that it's not done.

2. Finish Comes the Hurricane.
(Sequel to Understanding the Storm, but in which the story opens up. A LOT. War in Four Realms. I'd like to get it out before too many spoilers start leaking for Dark World.)

3. Write that original novel I didn't write for NaNo.

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