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16 December 2012 @ 05:26 pm
Story and The Hobbit  
I realize ff.net isn't set up to show secondary characters in a story in the same way that Ao3 is, but c'mon, people, do every single one of you have to ask whether Finch is gonna show up? Next chapter, I'm putting a note in Ch3: "If you're only here for Finch, adios, cuz he ain't here." sigh.

Saw the Hobbit!!

We saw it in the ordinary framerate in 3D. I'm not a 3D hater, and at least for this it was mostly fairly subtle about adding depth, though Jackson's always enjoyed having stuff come at the camera so there were a few places where it was gimmicky which I don't care for. Even in the lower framerate it had some 'video' like quality due to the HD digital cameras used, but it was noticeable on the big screen in certain scenes. I still want to see the double framerate to check it out. I think having seen the other first may help know what's due to the film rate and what's not.

I think my favorite part is that it holds to the lighter tone of the book, while at the same time adding a level of epic that really isn't in the book at all, as there's more of an implication of the beginning of the end of the Age: the ring makes a move, the trolls are moving down, the Necromancer spreads poison in the forest, etc.

Which I guess just underlines that I don't think of The Hobbit as an 'untouchable' text. I didn't for LotR anyway, and I hold Hobbit as far less intrinsically worth adapting 'as is'. I think because I've long found some of its weaknesses frustrating myself (like Gandalf vanishing, Bard appearing out of nowhere, and its overwhelming narrative, telling-not-showingness). So I'm quite okay with the additions and alterations, since a lot of them are ones I wish existed anyway.

THORIN IS SUCH A BADASS. <3 <3 I love that he's kind of a dick to Bilbo, but admits he was wrong. And Balin - awww, his fate seems especially sad now that we get a chance to meet him.

BILBO IS UTTERLY PERFECT. I kind of thought Freeman was perfect casting anyway, but holy crap, guys, he's amazing. "Riddles in the dark" was definitely  one of the highlights.

SO excited by our glimpse of Thranduil. riding an elk.  THAT IS SO AWESOME WHAT THE HELL I CAN'T EVEN with that.  But not cool dude, to leave them there. I'm down with not fighting the dragon, because that's suicide, but to ride away? Boo. :(  Looking forward to Thorin throwing down with Thranduil in MIrkwood, cuz I'm thinkin Thorin might try to do more than just refuse to answer questions to get himselfl thrown in the wine cellar. I also really want to see the film's conception of the cavern - I have this theory that Thranduil modeled it on Doriath, and I want it to be awesome, but in a very different way than the dwarven kingdoms are.  Like wiht indoor forests or something like that.

Kinda bummed by the lack of Legolas and Tauriel though, especially since I have in my hot little hand the Unexpected Journey Lego set with them, and it's quite clear form that they were in Part 1 before the division into three parts. the box covers their non-appearance with a sticker: "Special trilogy preview!" heh.

Speaking of elves, the White COuncil meeting was great, with all four of them and the different undercurrents, esp the hint of Saruman's eventual betrayal and an even greater sense of Galadriel's age and understanding.

It got a laugh in the theater when Sting was referred to as a letter-opener - that it's elvish made but not exactly in teh same league as Glamdring.  Oh, and seeing Elrond in armor and out-and-about fighting orcs was unexpected and cool.

After reading some complaints abotu the intro sequence wirth Frodo and the Radagast one being drawn out I didn't really think so - I suppose you could've done without the Frodo one all together, but it wasn't that long and it's a nice transition. ANd the Radagast one was a pretty necessary intro to both the Dol Guldur plotline and the spiders. I'd have cut some of the battle sequences, more than either of those I think.

But regardless, I enjoyed it  a lot and I'd like to see it again!

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scifiaddict86scifiaddict86 on December 17th, 2012 01:52 am (UTC)
Saw Hobbit last night too was awesome although it felt like they should have ended after they escaped the goblins it just feels right that they should have emphasized the finding of the ring. I liked some of the additions to the book like the stone giants whi looked awesome but I tihnk the additions to the whole rescue by the eagles was a little over the top. I did like that they added a specific orc villian and gave him a name and a backstory since it add a nice depth to the story. Also nice was the emphasis on the dwarfs fight for thier home as opposed to a pile of treasure(which was the main reason in the book) which gives the story a nice grounding in reality and really is probably Peter Jacksons best strength with these stories. I also liked that they kept more of the music in this movie since it one of my favourite parts of the old sixties animated versions. The second song about longing for home actually reminded me of the way "Danny Boy" (a song much more popular among Irish immmigrantss then actually in Ireland precisiely beacuse it is about longing for home) is used in some older Irish American films I doubt Jackson would have made the connection but I wonder if Tolkien might have. Also cool was they way the movie mimicked The fellowship visually capture by goblin-mines of moria, Thorin battle White Orc=Boromir fight Urak ia.
lizardbeth: Legolaslizardbeth_j on December 17th, 2012 07:01 am (UTC)
heh, when you're given a goblin/warg attack, trees on fire, on the edge of a cliff, and rescue by eagles, I don't know that there's any such thing as over the top above that. :)

I do wonder if that bit on the promontory at the end when they look east, while actually echoing canon more or less, was actually there before they split the 2 into a trilogy. It feels more likely they flew straight to Beorn, since the original part 1 ended in Mirkwood. So they added the bit with them looking toward Erebor, so they could end with a tease of Smaug.

Azog is canon, but he was killed by Thorin in the Oakenshield incident. So they've combined that story with another goblin chieftain. Which, yeah is probably pretty smart to create a better defined enemy.

My kid's e-book version of the Hobbit has the songs as sung by Tolkien himself. It's so interesting! (though I'm just as glad we didn't get the goblins breaking into song at the end. *g*)