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It was a good weekend for the kid, whose team won their semifinal on Sat and placed second in their AYSO region (they lost their final match Sunday, by a heartbreaking one goal), they get to advance to the multi-region championship round in January. Which, awesome for the kids, if less awesome for me, because soccer isn't ending after all. But it did take a bit of the sting out of their loss today because they fought so hard, poor guys.

We also went to the LA Clippers/Toronto basketball game and had a good laugh at the big poster in the hall advertising the NHL All-Star game they're supposed to host in the arena. er, nice try... But yes, two soccer games and one basketball game is quite enough cheering for awhile!

Saturday is THE HOBBIT. Can't wait to go back to Middle-Earth!

I'm still woefully behind on tv. My DVR is stuffed to the brim.

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