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Masterpost: "Holding the Light"

Title: Holding the Light
Author: lizardbeth_j
Artist: glasslogic
Link to art: HERE
Fandom: Avengers/Person of Interest
Wordcount: 40K
Pairing: John Reese/Natasha Romanoff
Characters: Reese, Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, a few surprises from the Marvelverse
Rating: R
Warning: sexual situations, violence, language
Disclaimer: not my sandbox

Summary: Coulson recruits a new operative, John Reese. But as John and Natasha struggle to hold onto the light, new bonds form and a new hero rises.

A/N: This is set in an AU of the Person of Interest pilot, so you don't need to know about the show, and set before Avengers. My many thanks to rose_griffes for the beta and to glasslogic for the wonderful art! Also to sabaceanbabe for making me two icons for this story for my birthday - they've been a great inspiration!

Chapter One: LJ | AO3 |

Chapter Two: LJ |
Chapter Three: LJ |
Chapter Four: LJ
Chapter Five: LJ
Chapter Six: LJ
Chapter Seven: LJ
Chapter Eight: LJ
Chapter Nine: LJ
Chapter Ten: LJ
Chapter Eleven: LJ

Tags: 2012 fic, fic, mcu, tv: person of interest
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