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28 November 2012 @ 09:08 pm
Waiting for a ride in the dark  
Kiddo wanted to watch the video for M83 "Midnight City" because he likes the song, and so we did. We also discovered that video along with the video for their song "Reunion" together make up a little movie of awesomeness about Superpowered Children. AND I NEED MOAR. Damn you youtube! *adds to Yuletide 2013 list of possibles*

After dinner, I was sitting down with my laptop and thought there was a piece of lint on my pants, so I tried to pluck it off, and find out - surprise, it's a bee. It must have latched onto me when I was at kid's soccer practice when it was drizzling and then the bee stayed there, cold and sleepy and maybe dying, I guess. It certainly wasn't very active since I didn't even know it was there for at least an hour. Lucky I suppose, since it didn't sting me. I put it outside, so maybe it'll find home.

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