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27 November 2012 @ 09:11 am
posting - let me get right on that  
Thanksgiving was busy, and the busy doesn't stop really as the holidays get going, plus soccer won't end until kiddo's team gets kicked out of the playoffs so practice and games are still sucking up a lot of the free time. but they finished the season in second place in their division!

My avengersfest fic posted, though I'll have to link to it when it's not anon anymore. My recip seemed to like it, so that's good.

Plugging away on my Avengers/crossover big bang- got 10K left for NaNo which should finish the story. Then ... revision, because good heavens this thing. Not that it's especially terrible since I think the plot is decent, but it needs some work. (like, if you have someone who can walk through walls - he probably doesn't need a door, right? argh. stupid mutants.) But heh, Nick Fury swears a lot more in my fic than he does in the movies. It's Sam Jackson, I just can't not hear it.

Next up: Yuletide and the Clint/Natasha exchange. I haven't started either, but at least I know what the Yuletide fic will be since US Weekly handed me the perfect inspiration for it. heh.

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