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04 November 2012 @ 11:36 am
not really relevant to the story, but  
ok, John Reese, how the HELL did you get out of Ordos? In the middle of China, in the frakking desert. Four hundred miles from Beijing or the Mongolian border. And no passport or easy access to money, since the CIA would be watching all of the ones they know about. Kindness of strangers to save his life, I'm sure, but after that? Supposedly Stanton got out through North Korea, but that seems the wrong direction to get help and avoid the authorities. Tibet maybe? Are there Mongolian dissidents who could help? Drop south to Xian and try to mix with the tourists. Get himself involved in some kind of criminal organization and depend on them to get him out of the country? Steal/hijack a plane? Get found by the League of Shadows the Hand and trained into even more of a killing machine?

Amusingly enough, the last is probably the most likely, given my crossover and how PoI has yet to find a Batman parallel they don't like, but he doesn't need to be a ninja, too.